SKT Teams Up With Pindrop To Bring Next Generation Voice Security & Authentication To The Market

SKT Teams Up With Pindrop To Bring Next Generation Voice Security & Authentication To The Market

SK Telecom, today announced its partnership with Pindrop, an industry leader offering voice security, identity and intelligence, to bring secure voice authentication and voice liveness detection to the Korean market.

Through this partnership, SKT has deployed Pindrop’s secure Voice API solution in order to provide voice security and customer authentication which together will improve the overall customer experience. In addition, SKT will make Pindrop’s solutions accessible to SKT affiliates and the broader market.

Guysik Lee, GM Head of Enterprise AI for SKT said, “We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Pindrop, the global leader in voice authentication. We look forward to creating unique synergies with SKT’s AI technology in the ever-growing AI Contact Center (AICC) market. In addition, we anticipate expanding our presence into the security and commerce markets in the near future. SKT plans to increase collaboration efforts with various partners to further introduce innovative technologies moving forward.”

“As Pindrop continues to expand in Asia, I am delighted to have as a customer and partner such a significant market innovator and leader as SKT. SKT’s focus on providing its customers with the highest level of security and customer experience aligns nicely with Pindrop’s mission in the market,” said Michael Hughes, GM, Pindrop Global business.

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The partnership comes at a time when investment in a digital-first future continues to accelerate and organizations are faced with emerging security threats and customer demands for a frictionless experience. Advancements are required in multi-factor authentication in order to confidently allow account access and recovery, detect liveness, stop risky transactions, and drive process improvements and automation capabilities across a remote and distributed workforce. Voice is a simple and effective way to solve these market challenges. Through Pindrop’s cloud SaaS Voice API solution, organizations can quickly detect liveness, enroll and authenticate a customer’s voice, all across multiple channels.

“SKT has seen great adoption and results on using voice authentication and it’s a great testament to our product that they’ve decided on bringing the Pindrop solution to other organizations in Korea. With this partnership and our regional HQ in Singapore, we’re looking to quickly and effectively expand Pindrop’s reach in the other Asian markets.” said Anurag Srivastava, Pindrop GM – Asia Pacific and Japan.

As part of this partnership, SKT is pleased to announce that Pindrop’s Voice API and liveness detection solution is available for general market use.

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