GSI Introduces Phish Testing-as-a-Service

GSI Introduces Phish

With the goal of helping companies thwart one of the most nefarious cybercrimes, GSI, Inc. today announced that it now offers Phish Testing-as-a-Service to its customers.

Proliferating in a world where 90% of security breaches are inadvertent, unintentional, and caused by human error, phishing attacks find criminals cleverly disguising themselves as trustworthy entities. They gain access to sensitive information (e.g., usernames, passwords, credit card details, employee information, etc.) that companies can’t afford to let fall into the wrong hands.

“Even the most robust cybersecurity systems can’t stand up to this seemingly simple yet very dangerous hacking approach,” said John Bassett, GSI’s EVP and Chief Technology Officer. “The problem is, unlike with traditional cyberattacks, employees are the weakest link in the phishing food chain.”

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Through ongoing education, the use of best practices, and good outreach, companies can limit vulnerabilities and transform their workforces into a first line of defense against phishing. GSI’s Phish Testing as-a-Service offering includes real-life phishing attack simulations, skilled resources designing tests, scheduled phishing campaigns, random testing against key groups and ongoing, online security education.

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