Cybersecurity and Manufacturing Expert, Gonda Lamberink, Joins Fortress Information Security

Cybersecurity and Manufacturing Expert, Gonda Lamberink, Joins Fortress Information Security

Gonda Lamberink, an industry expert in cybersecurity, manufacturing, (I)IoT, and supply chain security, has joined Fortress Information Security, a leading provider of cybersecurity supply chain risk and vulnerability management solutions dedicated to securing critical infrastructure. Lamberink joins Fortress after spending nearly 9 years at UL, Underwriters Laboratories, working on cyber and IoT security with product manufacturers across consumer, commercial and industrial verticals.

“We’re elated to have Gonda join the team-she adds a unique perspective with her industry and global experience understanding manufacturers’ security needs,” said Alex Santos, CEO of Fortress Information Security. “Gonda is trusted for her knowledge and expertise, with public and private stakeholders, and well-positioned to help manufacturers achieve compliance and security differentiation, meeting and exceeding ever-evolving security goals.”

As VP of Critical Manufacturing Security Solutions, at Fortress Lamberink is responsible for building a new business selling into and partnering with manufacturers, who serve critical infrastructure organizations, for cybersecurity solutions that meet their value chain needs.

“I’m excited to be working with a team that is passionate about securing critical infrastructure and to convince manufacturers and their suppliers of a compelling value proposition to partnerwith Fortress’ cutting-edge cyber and supply chain security solutions,” Lamberink said.

Adding industry experts like Lamberink is part of an aggressive growth strategy by Fortress Information Security, with Critical Manufacturing being a core pillar of that strategy.

Many manufacturers work in supply chains of large end user organizations, including critical infrastructure asset owners and operators, that are increasingly regulated or face compliance requirements to enforce cybersecurity controls in their supply chains. Supply chain risk is known to vastly expand an organization’s threat surface. The last year has seen many examples of successful cyber attacks targeting an organization by attacking or compromising a third-party vendor, like Solarwinds.

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