Cybersecurity Leader Jerich Beason Joins Ericom Software Industry Advisory Board

Cybersecurity Leader Jerich Beason Joins Ericom Software Industry Advisory Board

Ericom Software, a leading provider of Zero Trust cloud cybersecurity solutions and developer of the ZTEdge™ SASE Platform, announced today that cybersecurity veteran Jerich Beason has joined its Industry Advisory Board. Jerich has served in top leadership roles at some of the most respected organizations in the cybersecurity industry, including Lockheed Martin, RSA and Deloitte, where he was a trusted advisor to federal government agencies and Fortune 500 executives.

He is currently Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer at Epiq, a worldwide provider of legal and business services for law firms, corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies. Jerich also serves as a Conference and Summit Co-Chair at the SANS Institute.

Jerich commented, “Adoption of Zero Trust security is a top priority for most of my fellow CISOs, given the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape we all face. Ericom’s innovative ZTEdge platform integrates key Zero Trust security controls and delivers them as a simplified, cost-effective cloud service, making it a smart choice for organizations planning their move to Zero Trust. I’m pleased to be joining the Ericom Industry Advisory Board and look forward to supporting Ericom’s ZTEdge team as it delivers the platform’s advanced capabilities to the market.”

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Ericom’s ZTEdge Zero Trust SASE solution is an integrated cloud security solution that cuts complexity, reduces cyber-risk, and improves performance for organizations, all at a dramatically lower price point than alternative solutions. ZTEdge includes a broad, flexible set of capabilities that support multiple use cases, including:

  • Identifying users and authenticating devices: Securely connecting the right people and devices to the right applications and resources.
  • Secure web and internet access: Protecting users and their devices as they interact with the web and email.
  • Secure remote private application and desktop access: Providing a simple way to connect remote workers with private cloud and on-premise applications and remote desktops.
  • SaaS application access: Limiting access to public cloud apps like Office 365 or Salesforce to only authenticated and authorized users, eliminating credential theft risk and restricting data sharing privileges.
  • Network protection and monitoring: Segmenting and monitoring networks to stop threats like ransomware spread and detecting, blocking, and remediating intrusions.
  • Cloud area network™: Reducing cost and complexity while improving security by connecting users, apps, servers, and containers through a high-performance Zero Trust cloud overlay network.

“Jerich will be an excellent addition to our Industry Advisory Board, and I look forward to working with him as we continue to scale ZTEdge in the market,” said Dr. Chase Cunningham, Chief Strategy Officer of Ericom Software and Chairman of Ericom’s Industry Advisory Board. “In his CISO and advisory roles, I’ve seen how Jerich has helped many organizations embrace Zero Trust security principles. His practical experience and strategic guidance will translate into direct added value for our customers and partners.”

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