Cybersecurity Veterans Launch CodeHunter, a Revolutionary Cybersecurity Platform Capable of Surfacing Unknown Malware to Address Zero-Day Attacks

Cybersecurity Veterans Launch CodeHunter_ a Revolutionary Cybersecurity Platform Capable of Surfacing Unknown Malware to Address Zero-Day Attacks

Longtime cybersecurity experts from industry, government and academia have joined forces to create CodeHunter, the world’s first malware hunting software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that can automatically surface unknown malware and zero-day threats using patented new technology advances in behavior computation.

Behavior computation and binary analysis are common concepts in cybersecurity, but CodeHunter’s platform leverages cutting-edge research from leading academic and federal government laboratories to enable fast detection of malicious software without known data sets or previously identified behavior. CodeHunter controls a range of technology patents related to this research and is in the process of receiving approval for additional patents relating to its underlying technology.

CodeHunter is designed to support and expand beyond existing cybersecurity analysis products, enabling engineers and cybersecurity professionals to rapidly analyze the potential for malicious behavior and identify the exact location of dangerous code in an application: CodeHunter can assess if malicious code is lying in wait to be executed, or if any of the code in an application inadvertently enables behaviors that can be exploited. CodeHunter automates the in-depth analysis process, finding in minutes or hours what would currently require weeks of work by an experienced malware-reverse engineer.

CodeHunter is available today. Key features of the platform include:

  • Upload and analyze any WIN32/64 executable/DLL files. Today, 95 percent of ransomware is designed to target Microsoft executables or dynamic link libraries (DLL), and is one of the greatest threat points for organizations.
  • Automatically generate detailed reports. CodeHunter detects known and unknown malware through its patented behavior computation and analysis algorithm. Zero-day attacks and sleeper code can’t hide, even if obfuscated or scattered throughout software code.

To apply for CodeHunter’s enterprise beta program and gain early access to new features such as CI/CD pipeline integration, SIEM integration and other enterprise solutions, email

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According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021, data breaches are at an all-time high, rising from $3.86 million to $4.24 million per incident this year. The increase of remote work amid the pandemic has only exacerbated these issues. As cyber attacks increase in frequency and sophistication, qualified cybersecurity professionals are in short supply with more than four million unfilled positions globally.

Using CodeHunter to analyze applications and executables is simple and effective. Users can drag and drop files into CodeHunter’s browser-based application for fast review. Regardless of the complexity of the code, CodeHunter will surface any malware, security flaws or potential software breaches quickly, reducing human analysis time from weeks or months to minutes or hours.

CodeHunter is the result of unprecedented collaboration by seasoned cybersecurity experts with decades of experience working on high-level security products and services.

“Until now, there’s been no way to proactively assess all possible execution paths for malware. CodeHunter was created to solve this problem, with the ability to surface all variations of malware hidden inside of software code, even those that haven’t been publicly identified yet,” said Larry Roshfeld, CEO at CodeHunter. “Applying our patented behavior detection technology to quickly identify malicious or dangerous code and reduce time to detection and protection is critical to keeping up with ever-increasing security threats from increasingly dangerous attackers.”

“As Cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated, organizations need to expand their “defense in depth” approach to cyber threats,” said Chuck Brooks, longtime cybersecurity expert and adjunct professor at Georgetown University. “CodeHunter’s innovative technology for predicting malicious behavior is the kind of forward-thinking I’m always looking for. With CodeHunter, we’ll be able to detect potential problems instead of waiting for malware to be found after an attack.”

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