New Dropblock mobile app offers free, completely secure data storage and sharing

New Dropblock mobile app offers free, completely secure data storage and sharing

Dropblock for mobile launches today, a free, Web3 storage application offering individuals, developers, and business users a unique and completely secure mobile storage and data sharing solution. Simply download Dropblock today from the App Store [LINK] or from the Google Play Store [LINK] to get 5GB of secure blockchain storage for free.

Any data or files that you upload to your Dropblock app are fully secure and private at all times. This means that whatever you upload to your 5GB of free blockchain storage cannot be accessed by anybody else unless you choose to share it with them. Dropblock uses patented data encryption and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, developed by Web3 data storage specialists, OmniIndex.

How does Dropblock’s secure blockchain storage work?

“Data is securely stored in a Dropblock user’s isolated and unchangeable blockchain and is protected at all times by our patented 360-degree encryption technology,” explains Dropblock developer and CEO of OmniIndex, Simon Bain.

“Our unique fully homomorphic encryption (‘FHE’ for short) means that, unlike with end-to-end encryption, files are not exposed to attack when they are searched, analysed, or previewed. The combination of FHE with our Web3 and AI technology means that a user’s data is fully protected from ransomware and other attacks.”

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How do you securely share data using Dropblock?

To share a file, Dropblock’s AI generates a unique key which you then share with the other person,” explains Bain. “It is then only possible for that file to be viewed by the person entering that unique encryption key and your Dropblock email address.”

“The recipient can uniquely preview the shared file, and they cannot reshare that file with anybody else. Plus, to ensure maximum security, no decrypted data is stored on the user’s phone when previewing the file. 

“Finally, Dropblock also utilises our AI engine to automatically give users secure insights on their encrypted data, including sentiment and context analytics without ever decrypting the user’s data thanks to our unique encryption and AI technology.” 

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