CYFIRMA Expands SKY Perfect JSAT Group’s Visibility On External Threat Landscape and Strengthens Its Cybersecurity Posture

CYFIRMA Expands SKY Perfect JSAT Group's Visibility On External Threat Landscape and Strengthens Its Cybersecurity Posture

CYFIRMA, a threat discovery and cyber-intelligence platform company funded by Goldman Sachs, Zodius Capital and Z3Partners, announced today that Japanese satellite communications and satellite broadcasting company SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation has selected its cloud-based, AI-powered cybersecurity platform, DeCYFIR, to gain full visibility into its external threat landscape, prepare against upcoming attacks and prevent the theft of intellectual property.

SKY Perfect JSAT is a pioneer and innovator in satellite communications and satellite broadcasting. It has launched more than thirty satellites since its first private communications satellite in 1989. SKY Perfect JSAT has two business divisions – the media business and the space business.

SKY Perfect JSAT’s media business unit has more than three million subscribers to the multi-channel broadcasting “SKY PerfecTV” while its space business operates communication satellites that cover the whole of Asia, Oceania, Russia, the Middle EastHawaii, and North America.

These satellites play a crucial role in enabling seamless communication across critical infrastructure such as electricity, oil and gas. SKY Perfect JSAT’s satellites also facilitate communication amongst governments, businesses and communities in the event of natural disasters or other calamities.

SKY Perfect JSAT has witnessed an increasing number of cyberattack attempts and established the Cyber Security Management Division within their group in February 2021 to address this pressing concern. Tasked to protect its operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) from cyber threats, SKY Perfect JSAT has subscribed to DeCYFIR’s cyber-intelligence platform to ensure it has a comprehensive view of its external threat landscape and well-equipped with the capabilities to mitigate risks.

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DeCYFIR is a threat discovery and cyber-intelligence platform that arms businesses with personalized and predictive intelligence. To prevent data breaches and cyberattacks, DeCYFIR employs a systematic approach guiding defenders to swiftly identify threats and apply remedial actions to avoid business disruption.

DeCYFIR provides six threat views – attack surface discovery, vulnerability intelligence, brand intelligence, digital risk discovery, situational awareness and cyber-intelligence – on a single pane of glass.

“OT infrastructures are fast becoming top targets for state-sponsored cybercriminals as well as hackers looking for financial gain. Weaknesses in IT systems and applications provide the pathways for threat actors to gain access to OT. These systems, when being attacked or under the control of threat actors, can cause massive disruption and destabilize communities resulting in untold damages.

We are grateful for the opportunity to extend our cyber-intelligence platform, DeCYFIR, to SKY Perfect JSAT. DeCYFIR’s early warning capabilities will uncover threat indicators that signal cybercriminals planning to exploit security weaknesses to launch social engineering, ransomware and other malicious activities. This will give security teams the much-needed time advantage to remediate vulnerabilities and strengthen defense controls,” said Kumar Ritesh, Founder and CEO, CYFIRMA.

“At SKY Perfect JSAT, security will always be our top priority. The availability and performance of our satellite and communication systems together with our ability to keep customer data safe from cybercriminals are the reasons businesses and consumers rely on us to run their mission-critical projects.

We are adding CYFIRMA’s cyber-intelligence platform to our defense arsenal and we are confident this will give us the added advantage as we continue to drive more digital innovations across our business,” said Kazuhiko Aoki, Executive Officer, Cyber Security Management Division, SKY Perfect JSAT.

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