Perfecto By Perforce Addresses Critical Trends In Application Testing With Expanded Intelligent Test Automation

Perfecto by Perforce Addresses Critical Trends in Application Testing With Expanded Intelligent Test Automation

Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the development lifecycle, announced today the launch of Perfecto Scriptless and support for Cypress framework. Perfecto Scriptless is a no-code test automation solution that uses AI to improve productivity.

Cypress is one of the fastest growing JavaScript open-source test automation frameworks in the development community. Perfecto’s enterprise grade, intelligent test automation platform continues to be the go-to for businesses that need to elevate their digital experiences in the competitive post-pandemic experience economy.

“The pandemic significantly raised consumer expectations for flawless online experiences,” said Eran Kinsbruner, DevOps evangelist for Perfecto. “We’re helping businesses address that demand for quality by making it easy for anyone and everyone on their team to automate tests and get feedback quickly — all in one place.”

Perfecto’s latest release empowers a diverse range of team members — from front-end developers to business testers — to create automation using the skills they have and the methods they prefer.

Development teams can shift left using their favorite framework while business testers scale their efforts by automating their own tests in minutes. Additionally, with Perfecto’s AI-driven reporting and analytics, every team member has immediate access to the test results, regardless of what they are testing or whether they are working together, remotely, or across timezones and regions.

The capabilities are embedded in Perfecto’s enterprise-grade web and mobile testing platform known for solving the hardest challenges in testing.

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Perfecto Scriptless lets organizations:

  • Empower manual testers — non-technical testers and business testers — to create automation visually.
  • Streamline maintenance and test updates with AI-powered self-healing tests.

By using Cypress within Perfecto, development organizations can:

  • Quickly automate their own end-to-end tests.
  • Shift-left testing at scale across multiple browser/OS combinations.
  • Integrate Cypress into their CI/CD pipeline.
  • Get feedback on test results in one secure, stable platform.

“As new ways of testing emerge, organizations commonly struggle to adopt or adapt to them efficiently and without fracturing their process and workflows,” said Tim Russell, Perforce Chief Product Officer.

“Perfecto is taking all these moving pieces — market-led innovations like AI, shifting business needs and organizational dynamics, and rising open-source technologies like Cypress — and folding them into a single testing platform, so businesses have a comprehensive solution for intelligent test automation that can handle the scale, security, and sophistication that enterprises require.”

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