Data security is a huge challenge to tackling AI biases and building an ethical, inclusive and unbiased AI landscape

Data security is a huge challenge to tackling AI biases and building an ethical, inclusive and unbiased AI landscape

OmniIndex, the secure Web3 data platform, has successfully completed a proof of concept to provide Web3 storage and encrypted analytics for the largest and most diverse AI de-risking community in the world.

With over 1,000 AI ethical stakeholders and a network spanning over 100 countries, MKAI (Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence) are the leaders in ethics in artificial intelligence. They have huge ambitions in 2023 with a number of exciting projects lined up incorporating OmniIndex’s powerful Web3 privacy and productivity capabilities.

While booming, the field of AI has been facing a diversity crisis because of flawed systems that perpetuate gender and racial biases and regurgitate inaccuracies. MKAI are committed to correcting these flaws by using their incredibly diverse and inclusive network to find, test, challenge, and expose algorithmic biases and injustices. One of the biggest challenges with this is ensuring their network is completely secure to ensure the safety of their team. 

OmniIndex solves this problem by enabling all data to be fully encrypted, anonymized, and protected from Ransomware attacks while still being available to both analytics and distribution. This means that even the most sensitive and confidential information can be used to generate insights and facilitate decision making as it can be anonymized and encrypted before being subjected to analytics. Crucially, the same results are then possible on the encrypted data as would have been generated had it remained decrypted. 

Richard Foster-Fletcher, Chair of stated: “Building an ethical, inclusive, and unbiased AI landscape is a complex journey, and MKAI is committed to leading the charge. Our alignment with OmniIndex is rooted in shared values – a deep respect for data privacy and a strong focus on innovation in Narrow AI. The power of Web3 and fully homomorphic encryption technologies offers an exciting pathway for securing our network and tackling AI biases. As we look ahead to the rest of 2023, it’s clear that this isn’t just about growth for us. It’s about catalysing transformative change in the AI industry to ensure fairness for all.” 

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Simon Bain, CEO of OmniIndex adds: “We are delighted to be adding MKAI to our Web3 Data Platform as their beliefs and expertise perfectly match our own philosophies. What’s more, passing this extensive and complicated proof of concept with the meticulous MKAI team and their world-leading advisors is another indicator to all that Web3 and fully homomorphic encryption is the best solution for those seeking a data platform in 2023.”

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