Delinea’s Latest Releases for Workstations and Coded Credentials Make it Easier for Organizations to Secure Cyber Insurance

Delinea's Latest Releases for Workstations and Coded Credentials Make it Easier for Organizations to Secure Cyber Insurance

Delinea, a leading provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions for seamless security, today announced new features for its Privilege Manager and DevOps Secrets Vault products. Updates to both products make it more seamless to implement the controls frequently required to secure or renew cyber insurance policies.

Enhancements to Privilege Manager, Delinea’s solution for managing privileged access on workstations, focus on policies for Windows Store applications and updates for MacOS Ventura. The latest version of DevOps Secrets Vault, Delinea’s high-speed vault for DevOps and DevSecOps teams, makes it easier for developers to install the Command Line Interface (CLI) in their favorite coding console while also providing their own encryption keys.

According to a recent Delinea survey, almost 80% of respondents indicate that they have already used their cyber insurance policies, and only 40% met PAM requirements when they applied for their policies. Credentials hard-coded in applications are a vulnerability that can be exploited, potentially leading to claims that may not be supported when less than 50% of survey respondents’ policies cover data recovery. Furthermore, the survey revealed that ransomware attacks often start on workstations, and over 70% of policies will not cover ransomware payments.

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Stronger privilege controls on Windows and Macs

The latest version of Privilege Manager allows administrators to build policies for applications installed from the Windows Store and other Universal Windows Platform applications, defining which applications are not allowed to run. Enhancements to the native MacOS agent ensure that users on MacOS Ventura have consistent application controls. Both updates make installing ransomware on Windows and Mac workstations more difficult, including those running the latest operating systems from Microsoft and Apple. Other updates include enhancements to the UI that highlight the number of workstations impacted by policy changes and management of certificate credentials.

Streamlined credential management in the most popular coding consoles

New CLI installers for DevOps Secrets Vault allow developers to run a native command in their environment to install and begin dynamically injecting credentials into their applications. CLI installers are supported for several of the most popular coding consoles – HomeBrew, PowerShell, Aqua, Curl, Snap, and Scoop. Enhancements to the Command Line Interface allow developers to configure and use their own encryption keys to provide even stronger security. Additional enhancements include new flags to the rest API and CLI for more easily searching objects, and an improved “break glass” security function.

“Our customers increasingly approach us with more stringent cyber insurance requirements, often necessitating more modern Privileged Access Management controls,” said Phil Calvin, Chief Product Officer at Delinea. “We continuously focus on making it less complicated to implement privileged access policies, and these two product releases make PAM more seamless for both workstations and coded credentials.”

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