Xcelerate Solutions Launches Thermal Scanning And Security Hardware Partnership

Xcelerate Solutions Launches

Xcelerate Solutions (Xcelerate) is excited to announce a partnership with Certify to deliver thermal scanning capabilities to our clients though the SnapXT Thermal Scanning Terminal. This partnership brings a timely capability of thermal scanning (fever detection) to our clients to secure their workplace, reduce workforce anxiety and give executives the tools to demonstrate their commitment to their staff safety. By nature, the SnapXT device is a security tool that has thermal scanning capability as well as integrates mask detection via facial recognition technology. The short-term investment for companies is to provide thermal scans to staff and visitors in response to the current Covid-19 public health pandemic. The long-term solution is to integrate all of the SnapXT’s tools into your security architecture; facial recognition, access permissions, magnetic badging, and touchless onboarding, all managed via the cloud.

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Xcelerate is committed to our clients’ safety and ensuring safety and security across all business platforms. The partnership with Certify echoes that commitment and gives our clients another tool to fortify their workplace security architecture through public health and physical security capabilities. To find out more about the Xcelerate/Certify service offerings as well as all other business resiliency and security service offerings, contact James Durnil at jdurnil@xceleratesolutions.com or 512.826.6806.

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