Edgecore ecCLOUD Assists TIP in Developing the World’s First OpenWiFi 2.0 Cloud

Edgecore ecCLOUD Assists TIP in Developing the World's First OpenWiFi 2.0 Cloud

Edgecore Networks, a leading provider of traditional and open network solutions for enterprises, data centers, and telecommunication service providers, today announced the launch of the world’s first Telecom Infra Project (TIP) OpenWiFi 2.x cloud controller – ecCLOUD.

By integrating TIP OpenWiFi CloudSDK 2.0, the most advanced cloud SDK of OpenWiFi 2.0, ecCLOUD can provide central management and visibility to all TIP OpenWiFi devices. On top of that, Edgecore Networks initiated the OpenWiFi Facilitating Program to extend and enhance the OpenWiFi ecosystem.

The launch of OpenWiFi 2.0 shows the ambition of TIP to reinforce the global TIP OpenWiFi ecosystem by joining forces with industry partners to establish a strong technical foundation. As one of the early adopters and devoted partners of the Open WiFi ecosystem and tech stack, Edgecore Networks has brought a series of TIP-ready devices to the market.

With years of practical experience in commercial cloud controllers, Edgecore Networks contributed the know-how and participated in the CloudSDK 2.0 API function planning. Through CloudSDK 2.0, ISP/Telco/MSPs will be able to unlock the limitations of existing closed network infrastructures, and quickly introduce innovative applications and services through disaggregated networks.

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Edgecore Networks has taken the lead in converging TIP OpenWiFi CloudSDK 2.0 with ecCLOUD. Being the world’s first and only TIP OpenWiFi 2.x cloud controller, ecCLOUD can support the full range of TIP OpenWiFi hardware devices and software applications, which realizes the goal of commercializing TIP OpenWiFi and making it a sustainable business model.

David Hutton, TIP Chief Engineer said: ”TIP’s active collaboration with Wi-Fi industry leaders enables the TIP OpenWiFi ecosystem to meet high end Wi-Fi network requirements. Edgecore’s expertise in cloud controllers has made the OpenWiFi 2.x stack accessible and practical for a wide variety of deployment scenarios.

To further thrive together with the TIP OpenWiFi ecosystem, Edgecore Networks will launch the OpenWiFi Facilitating Program in the middle of this November 2021 to build an ecCLOUD OpenWiFi development ecosystem. In this collaborative program, OpenWiFi hardware vendors can test the ecCLOUD management functions with their OpenWiFi devices.

In addition, Edgecore Networks will provide the ecCLOUD API for third-party application development. Edgecore Networks and software developers will have the freedom to develop better add-ons and software to further empower and advance the OpenWiFi ecosystem, building a mutually beneficial relationship with participating vendors.

“Edgecore’s OpenWiFi Solution can provide more flexible network infrastructures and application services for ISP/MSP/Telco’s, and offer the OpenWiFi API interface for software developers, App and SaaS providers, accelerating the development of the OpenWiFi application ecosystem. As one of the TIP partners, Edgecore Networks will keep working with TIP to grow the OpenWiFi ecosystem together.” said Tengtai Hsu, Vice President of Edgecore Networks.

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