Egress Launches Calculator To Reveal The Cost Of Insider Breaches

Egress Launches Calculator to Reveal the Cost of Insider Breaches

Egress has today announced the launch of Insider Breach Insights, which utilizes real-world data to reveal the cost of email data breaches.

The tool, announced at Egress’ annual Human Layer Security Global event, analyzes anonymized data from the Egress Analytics platform to create risk profiles which enable organizations to understand their risk of an insider breach.

The calculator offers insights into the likely causes of email incidents, including:

  • Accidental email
  • Spear phishing
  • Misspelled email recipient
  • Large recipient lists/incorrect use of BCC

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The first step towards quantifying the scale of insider risk related to email, users simply input their industry and number of mailboxes. The tool then applies analysis based on anonymized data insights and trends to indicate the scale of potential incidents in their organization.

Egress CEO Tony Pepper comments: “When it comes to insider risk, many organizations are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Insider Breach Insights utilizes real-world data to enable organizations to finally see the full picture. For organizations, this is an important tool for those looking to quantify their risk when it comes to email, and I hope that the insights provided will empower IT teams to put in place the right measures to secure their organization’s people and the data they share.”

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