When Emergencies Strike, Motorola Solutions’ New Cloud Service Provides Maximum Resiliency for Essential Communication Networks

Motorola Solutions’ New Cloud Service Provides Maximum Resiliency for Essential Communication Networks

CirrusCentral Core is a cloud-based subscription service that provides a secondary core for mission-critical Project 25 (P25) radio systems

Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) today introduced the next generation of mission-critical radio technology and performance with CirrusCentral Core, a cloud-based secondary core for ASTRO® 25 P25 land mobile radio (LMR) systems. Available as a subscription service, it is always current with the latest communication software, and it eliminates the need for public safety agencies to maintain a physical, in-building backup core-site.

“Resiliency is one of the most important features of ASTRO 25 networks,” said Scott Mottonen, senior vice president of Product, Motorola Solutions. “If a master site is impacted by a storm, such as a hurricane or a tornado, the system automatically reroutes radio calls to the cloud core for continued communications. With CirrusCentral Core, system managers can access their secondary core virtually, with no need to travel to a physical site in hazardous conditions.”

CirrusCentral Core is available with a low upfront investment, no upgrade costs, and pay-per-site pricing to fit an agency’s unique needs. It eliminates the need to purchase and maintain hardware for a secondary on-premise network core. It is secure and monitored by Motorola Solutions’ team of technology and cybersecurity professionals to ensure it is always up to date and available in an emergency.

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CirrusCentral Core is used with CirrusCentral Management cloud-based system management software for ASTRO 25 systems. CirrusCentral Management provides system administrators with a simple web-based user interface to monitor a radio network that spans a city, county, or state. From any location and on any device, they can securely obtain detailed insights about the performance of their system. CirrusCentral Management is also continuously updated with new features that enhance system monitoring and now include:

  • Provisioning capability to search for radios and update them remotely.
  • Diagnostic commands that perform remote diagnostics, verify the status of devices and securely reset devices remotely.
  • Anomaly detection to identify real-time system irregularities and send immediate alerts to managers.

CirrusCentral Core is expected to be available in early December 2020. CirrusCentral Management is available today.