Enablon’s Vision Platform Software Version 9.2 Helps Global Businesses Manage Risk And Stay Compliant

Enablon's Vision Platform Software Version 9.2 Helps Global Businesses Manage Risk and Stay Compliant

Large international businesses now have a new tool to help them stay compliant, manage risk and meet environmental, health and environmental guidelines. safety (EHS). Enablon , a Wolters Kluwer company and a global leader in integrated risk management, EHS and Operational Risk Management (ORM) software solutions, today announces Version 9.2 of its Vision Platform software, which helps manage risks in the workplace by predicting and preventing events.

“Our Version 9.2 has new features that will further help our customers to create a safe, productive and responsible world,” said Laurent Dechaux, Managing Director of Wolters Kluwer Enablon. “Version 9.2 gives businesses the opportunity to innovate in the areas of safety, sustainability and productivity, helping them stay compliant and meet environmental, health and safety guidelines.” security. By using Version 9.2, organizations will see improved risk management and operational efficiency. ”

Version 9.2 is a continuation of Version 9 (2020), which was the first iteration of Enablon’s Vision platform, a next-generation software that unifies Risk, EHS, ORM and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG ). Cloud-based software enables full off-site flexibility and global coverage, with enhanced application-level functionality.

Significant new improvements come from the integration between Risk, EHS and ORM and a single user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), which ensure consistency across the entire platform, thus breaking the silos between several key services.

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With Enablon, which generates expert connections between processes in these areas, users gain new opportunities to reduce incidents, share lessons and monitor controls.

“Our business customers need unique configurability to accommodate their complex business processes,” said Rob Davis, vice president of Product Management at Wolters Kluwer Enablon. “Enablon’s Vision Platform software is the only software in the industry that brings together key areas in a flexible and configurable solution. In Version 9.2, ORM customers can add Risk, EHS and ESG applications to their scope, while Risk, EHS and ESG customers can add ORM modules. With each release, we remain committed to adapting to our clients’ complex business processes based on their business and operational goals. ”

The main benefits of Version 9.2 include:

  1. A unified user experience and a single platform: This allows for unique authentication and navigation consistency across the platform with UI modernization.
  2. Mobile setup: This allows customers, especially those in asset-intensive industries such as oil and gas, metals and mining, and high-tech manufacturing, to collect more data and transform paper or online processes in mobile processes.
  3. Productivity: operations can boost productivity; for example, new control of mobile work functionality through EHS and ORM allows workers to be more connected in the field.
  4. Domain capacity improvements:
    • Barrier management: Risks can be consolidated from multiple remote sites and disconnected into a single primary instance to analyze barriers and reduce risk.
    • Joint BowTie Use Case: Version 9.2 supports Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) in the BowTie view, helping risk managers make more informed decisions.
    • Work GIS control: the geolocation function can now be used to identify conflicting activities within the scope of the permit defined by a user when drafting a permit.
    • Several improvements in incident management, chemicals management, field operations and industrial hygiene.

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