Android Users Hit Up the ‘Undeletable’ Adware

Android users

A remarkable percentage of Android users targeted by mobile adware and mobile malware last year suffered from a system partition infection, resulting in the malicious files becoming virtually undeletable. Researchers suggest that about 14.8% of the Android users targeted with mobile malware or adware last year are now left with undeletable files.

As per the Kaspersky research, about 14.8% of its users who suffered such attacks had undeletable files remaining. These range from Trojans that can be installed to run apps without the user’s knowledge of the less threatening yet intrusive advertising apps.

Moreover, the researchers discovered that most devices harbor the pre-installed default applications that remain undeletable – the number of those affected varies up to 5 percent of users with low-cost comparative devices and reaches up to 27% in extreme cases.

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