ePlus Launches READI Networking Strategy to Help Organizations Enable and Drive Digital Transformation

ePlus Launches READI Networking Strategy to Help Organizations Enable and Drive Digital Transformation

ePlus inc. (NASDAQ NGS: PLUS – news) today announced that it has unveiled a networking strategy, called READI, to help organizations implement foundational software-defined technologies and solutions that transform and modernize their enterprise network infrastructures.

The ePlus READI methodology, which is an acronym for Resilient, Efficient, Agile, Defensive and Intelligent, focuses on helping organizations build network architectures adept at supporting the automated, programmable capabilities they need in today’s business environment. It helps deliver a practical modernization framework for implementing infrastructures that enable agility, connectivity and security.

The demands being placed on networks today are much more stringent and complex than in the past, driven by the spread of remote workforces, acceleration in cloud-based workloads and the use of digital applications. In addition, as existing technology ages and becomes unsupported, many organizations are facing an impending need to modernize to support business operations before their current network becomes obsolete.

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Working with organizations to integrate their existing investments, ePlus is able to evolve their enterprise networks jointly with software-defined networking, multi-cloud resources, software-defined WAN, wireless, security platforms, and internet of things (IoT) deployments to ensure that all domains are supported with high-performing, fault-tolerant, secure, intelligent, and application-aware solutions.

“The underlying network is more relevant today than ever,” said Lee Waskevich, vice president, security and networking solutions at ePlus. “New business challenges are putting pressure on network infrastructures, requiring IT leaders to focus more effort and investment on modernization.

A successful modern network has new requirements around applications, bandwidth and policy. ePlus can work with organizations to implement a READI framework that will serve as a catalyst to achieving more from their technology, now and in the future.”

ePlus’ READI Network Assessment uses a combination of automated tools and manual inspection and discovery to help organizations extract critical data points about the operational state of their network environments and support their efforts to ensure they are architecting a network to support their business need.

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