TeamGRIT targets Japan’s robotics market through global partnership

TeamGRIT targets Japan's robotics market through global partnership

Korean IT company TeamGRIT, a joint venture member of Born2Global Centre, has partnered up with Japanese IT consultancy Ankocare and established a joint venture, Remote Robotics (R2), in Yokohama, Japan, in an effort to enter the Japanese robotics market.

TeamGRIT provides live streaming services optimized for the IoT, with a focus on web-based real-time communication enabled by ultra-low latency video communication and remote control technologies. TeamGRIT has provided cyber security solutions and since 2021, it has participated in a project for supporting overseas expansion of D.N.A (Data, Network, AI) convergence products led by Born2Global Centre.

The joint company will serve as a base for TeamGRIT’s collaboration with local robotics companies and marketing of its service platforms. New and bigger partnerships with Japanese companies involved in robotics and devices used in areas such as self-driving and the IoT will allow TeamGRIT to make available on the market its independently developed offerings, including an ultra-low latency HD video communication technology; the SPIDER server, a remote control solution; and the MOTH server, a simple video communication solution for low-spec IoT devices.

The advantage of TeamGRIT technology was previously recognized in Japan when major 5G carrier the Kyosera Group acquired its robotics remote control solution.

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R2 is set to mark the beginning of its official activity with promotions held at department stores in Japan featuring radio-controlled car races and robot-building contests in the first half of 2022. The platform for these events will be a localized version of that used for “Hello Mars 2021,” which was held in Korea by TeamGRIT.

TeamGRIT has developed technology which enables remote control of robots equipped with cameras, communications, and software in a 5G multi-access edge computing (MEC) environment. A two-month event which started on November 10, Hello Mars 2021 provided aspiring tech professionals and the general public alike with the opportunity to experience mobile device-controlled technology in a competitive setting.

Furthemore, the joint venture between TeamGRIT and Ankocare was established as part of the Born2Global Centre’s partnership program. Through its support of DCA-convergence products and services, Born2Global Centre serves as a launchpad for innovative startups to enter global markets. Born2Global Centre provides startups with different levels of consulting services, from partnership exploration & creation to business establishment, operations, joint R&D projects, and market expansion.

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