EVA Voice Biometrics 2.0 Now Available on AWS Marketplace

EVA Voice Biometrics 2.0 Now Available on AWS Marketplace-01

Auraya, a world leader in voice biometric technology, announces today that version 2.0 of EVA Voice Biometrics is now available on the AWS Marketplace.

EVA Voice Biometrics is a voice biometric extension that enables secure and frictionless voice identification and verification for Amazon Connect. Voice biometrics replaces PINs, passwords, or security questions, providing a more delightful and secure user experience.

EVA can be turned on by any organization using Amazon Connect as their cloud contact centre platform. The user experience, security and cost savings benefits start from the moment EVA is activated. The cost of consuming EVA is simply added to the monthly consumption fees charged by AWS.

With version 2.0, organizations can now choose between two different security settings enabling them to efficiently manage their infrastructure.

When setting up EVA, organizations can choose to deploy all components using public subnets by default to help alleviate infrastructure costs of AWS stacks or choose to deploy most components in private subnets for increased security.

Version 2.0 installation is now easier and quicker by removing the need to provide provisioned ACM SSL certificates beforehand and by securing all traffic using SSL by default. Additionally, installation failure handling has been improved. These improvements allow for easier installations for Amazon Connect administrators.

Version 2.0 also comes with an improved transactional pricing model, providing more compelling value for all organizations. EVA does not just improve security, privacy and customer experience, EVA also delivers significant cost savings.

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With active and passive verification organizations can offer more customised self-service options which reduce the number of calls needed to be handled by agents and for those calls where agents are the best option for customers, those calls are handled more quickly due to the elimination of manual identification and verification questions.

Version 2.0 maintains all AWS Auto Scaling capabilities of its predecessor. With Auto Scaling, EVA can automatically adjust for an organization’s capacity demands. This ensures stable EVA performance at the lowest cost, allowing organizations to scale up automatically during peak periods.

This is particularly important for smaller organizations as they can start using EVA at lower AWS infrastructure costs.

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