EVOTEK Announces Justin Tibbs as Chief Engineering Officer, Increasing the Focus on Cybersecurity in Hybrid-IT Environment

EVOTEK Announces Justin Tibbs as Chief Engineering Officer_ Increasing the Focus on Cybersecurity in Hybrid-IT Environment

EVOTEK (www.evotek.com), the nation’s premier enabler of secure digital business, announced today that Justin Tibbs, has joined EVOTEK as Chief Engineering Officer. Tibbs will be responsible for overseeing all engineering and practice field activities.

“EVOTEK is an engineering led, culture first organization,” said Cesar Enciso, Chief Executive Officer of EVOTEK. “Justin’s vast knowledge in cybersecurity combined with his ‘people first’ attitude is perfect for EVOTEK’s culture.” 

Bringing over 20 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity, Tibbs has joined from Presidio where he served as their Chief Security Officer. Prior, he was the Chief Security Officer for Red Sky Solutions, who was acquired by Presidio in 2018. Tibbs led the transformation of Red Sky Solutions from a traditional reseller into a security lead solutions provider, helping drive the acquisition. His extensive experience with supporting high profile customers makes him uniquely suited to the intensely customer-oriented culture at EVOTEK. As a researcher and student of cybersecurity, Tibbs has worked to decrease vulnerabilities in enterprise, government and private networks globally. Tibbs’ believes that technology and security should enable and accelerate business in the digital world.

Founded in 2014, EVOTEK is purpose-built to assist enterprise customers with the changing IT landscape. EVOTEK is unique in its ability to support the hybrid space between traditional IT and a secure multi-cloud. The company has experienced hypergrowth during its six years of existence, in terms of both employees and revenues.

“The new normal has accelerated the customers journey immensely,” Tibbs said. “Technology is moving at break-neck speeds, and customers simply do not have the teams, nor the bandwidth to constantly research or attempt to keep up with those changes. Our mission is to be relentless in our pursuit of new technologies and solutions to help drive business outcomes using engineering-led thought leadership and advisory services to enable our customers.”