Expanse Releases ‘Issues’, A New and Improved Way To Manage the Global Attack Surface


New module makes it easier and faster for security teams to manage Internet-facing risks

Today, Expanse, the leading attack surface management platform, announced the release of Issues, the next evolution of its Expander product offering. Within Expander, which helps organizations discover, evaluate, and mitigate their global Internet attack surface, the new Issues module makes it easier for security professionals to manage and resolve risks by focusing specifically on problematic or at-risk Internet-accessible systems and services.

At the core of the Issues, a module is Expanse’s new policy engine. After Expanse discovers all Internet assets and associated services belonging to the organization, the policy engine detects security policy violations according to the unique needs of the organization. Policy violations are captured as individual Issues for security teams to review and address. The Issues module also comes with an array of new functionalities, such as a ticketing-style workflow, enhanced attribution evidence, improved filtering and sorting, bulk editing of Issues, and more.

“This is an exciting evolution of our offering designed to enable security teams to focus on what matters most,” said Tim Junio, CEO, and co-founder of Expanse. “With Issues, security leaders get a policy engine to deploy and enforce security policies across their global Internet attack surface, allowing unparalleled visibility and enforcement of security policies according to organizations’ unique needs.”

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Issues provide the following benefits to CISOs and other security leaders:

  • Boosts productivity: Makes it easier for teams to take action on problematic Internet-exposed services, reducing employee hours spent and mean time to remediate
  • Custom policy implementation: Provides a more customized experience based on specific security policies and concerns that are most important to the organization
  • Rapid response to new threats: Makes it easier to add detection for additional security policy violations associated with new CVEs and other evolving threats

“Issues will make it simpler than ever for the world’s largest organizations to manage their Internet-facing risks,” Junio added. “We look forward to bringing these benefits to our rapidly growing customer base, and continuing to develop and deploy cutting-edge security solutions throughout 2020 and beyond.”