EyeLock Combines Physical and Logical Biometric Access Control in the Latest Version of Its Identity Management Application

EyeLock Combines Physical and Logical Biometric

EyeLock LLC, the leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, announced today that the latest release of its identity management software application, EyeLock Identity Suite (EIS), now supports highly secure physical and logical access control in a single enterprise-class application.

EIS version 4.1 customers can now leverage a powerful, yet easy-to-use, browser-based centralized management system to secure physical access to their facilities using EyeLock’s nano iXT®, nano EXT®, or nano NXT® devices. At the same time, they can enable users to securely gain access to their Windows® computers by utilizing EyeLock’s portable iris recognition device, myris®.

EIS provides the ability to simultaneously manage multiple device settings and remote diagnostics for online and offline devices, and to manage the enrollment process. EIS version 4.1 supports EyeLock’s nano iXT®, nano NXT®, nano EXT®, and myris® devices and the platform is entirely interoperable. Never has such flexibility, power and security been available across all systems and devices at the same time.

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EIS integrates with a number of very popular physical access control systems (PACS), including Lenel OnGuard®, Software House C•CURE 9000, Genetec™ Security Center, PACOM GMS, AMAG Symmetry Access Control, Open Options® DNA Fusion™, Avigilon™ Access Control Manager, Honeywell Pro-Watch®, RS2® Access It!, and is PSIA PLAI compatible. EIS version 4.1 further expands the integration mechanism with the C•CURE system by supporting its Enterprise version via EIS’ integration with multiple C•CURE nodes.

“EIS is the only biometric application on the market today that supports both physical and logical biometric access within the same enterprise system. Today’s release will allow our customers to utilize the same biometric record for physical access to a facility and logical access to computing devices inside the facility, thus providing a unified biometric identity management process for the enterprise,” said Dr. Michael Petrov, EyeLock’s Vice President of Engineering.

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Jeff Carter, Chief Executive Officer of EyeLock continued, “We are proud of this release and what it means for our customers and the market. Combining highly secure physical and logical access control in one easily deployed space will be a breakthrough with long-term benefits in a multitude of markets.”

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