Former Allianz Veteran Hartmut Mai Enters Cyberwrite, The Technology Leader In Cyber Insurance

Former Allianz Veteran Hartmut Mai Enters Cyberwrite, The Technology Leader In Cyber Insurance

Cyberwrite, the provider of patented AI-enabled cyber insurance risk technology, 4SEEN®, and cyber insurance products, today officially announced the appointment of Hartmut Mai as group president.

Mai brings more than 25 years of global insurance leadership experience to Cyberwrite. Previously, he served as Global Chief Underwriting Officer (CUO) and Board Member at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). During his distinguished career, he has also held senior positions at AIG, led the launch of Allianz’s cyber insurance policy in Germany in 2013, and led the FINPRO (Financial and Professional Liability) program at Marsh.

“Following our collaboration in 2022, we are thrilled that Hartmut will be joining us fully to lead our insurance businesses,” said Nir Perry, Founder and CEO of Cyberwrite. “Hartmut brings tremendous experience in insurance and market management, Bringing cyber insurance, digital transformation and innovation With Hartmut, we will continue to empower the insurance ecosystem to unlock the possibilities of cyber insurance with Cyberwrite’s patented AI technology, helping businesses get the coverage they need in real-time to increase their awareness of cyber risks and reduce those risks”.

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“I’m thrilled to join Cyberwrite,” said Mai. “As cyberattacks, data breaches and other cyber risks become more prevalent and impact businesses worldwide, the costs for businesses and insurers are increasing. There is a tremendous need across the industry for better ways to Shield against risk and insure businesses quickly and in a data-driven manner I have known Cyberwrite since 2017 and its unique patented AI technology brings to market unprecedented capabilities to reshape the future of cybersecurity and cyberinsurance for greater profitability, resilience and achieve cybersecurity”.

Cyberwrite’s patented 4SEEN® algorithm predicts the risk level and potential economic impact of cyberattacks for any organization in real-time and on-demand. This breakthrough technology powers Cyberwrite’s offerings to provide greater confidence and efficiency at every stage of the cyber insurance lifecycle. For example, insurers using Cyberwrite’s risk analysis platform receive data-driven recommendations based on their insurance policies, a regulatory impact assessment, and guidance for improvement in each business area. Application programming interfaces (APIs) deliver all data in an optimized way. Insurance agents and stockbrokers use the platform to sell policies.

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