Global Market Innovators Announces Acquisition of CYVIG Security Solutions

Global Market Innovators Announces Acquisition of CYVIG Security Solutions

GMI, a global leader in secure technology solutions, is excited to announce the acquisition of CyVig, a renowned managed security service provider (MSSP) known for its deep expertise in securing the enterprise ecosystem. This acquisition moves GMI closer to its goal of becoming the IT industry’s only Secure Managed Services ProviderTM.

“We’re excited to have CyVig join the GMI team,” expressed CEO Simer Mayo. “Our goal is to revolutionize the MSSP model by prioritizing security, establishing us as the pioneering Secure Managed Services Provider. The combination of CyVig’s expertise and GMI’s comprehensive technology solutions enables us to offer clients worldwide IT lifecycle management and vital 24/7 cybersecurity services from a single source.”

“Protecting our clients from security risks has always been our utmost commitment at CyVig,” stated Chris Riley, Chief Information Security Officer of CyVig. “We are excited to join GMI as it enables us to deliver extended security offerings and expanded professional managed services, resulting in a comprehensive package tailored specifically to meet our client’s unique needs.”

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The acquisition of CyVig enhances GMI’s ability to provide end-to-end, secure, and resilient solutions. The addition of CyVig’s deep security expertise strengthens GMI’s offerings across network, cloud, collaboration, security, and managed IT practices and ensures that customer security remains at the forefront of every technology deployment.

“The acquisition of CyVig reaffirms our unwavering commitment to prioritize security in every technology deployment,” said GMI President Brian Blakely. “In today’s landscape, businesses face volatile risks stemming from vulnerable business processes and generic security measures. By integrating CyVig into our portfolio, GMI bolsters its security offerings, ensuring companies can operate in a safe and secure environment.”

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