GoodAccess Introduces Free Cloud VPN to Small and Medium Businesses

GoodAccess Brings Free Cloud VPN to Small and Medium Businesses to Simply Secure Remote Employees_ Network-less Offices and Cloud Resources and Applications-01

GoodAccess, the company reinventing secure cloud access for small and medium businesses, today announced its GoodAccess Starter, a free cloud-based platform to provide simple, yet robust and secure VPN connectivity for up to 100 people. GoodAccess Starter creates a unique VPN cloud for each organization, enabling encrypted internet access and online threat protection for remote employees, network-less offices and cloud resources and applications. No hardware or complex set-up is required, as the platform is fully cloud-based and is designed to deploy in less than 10 minutes.

The security threats and compliance demands on small and medium businesses (SMBs) is no less than those facing large corporations, yet they lack the resources, expertise and budget of a big company. SMBs need to be able to secure remote, work-from-home employees, offices that have internet service but no networking or security infrastructure and cloud-based applications and resources, such as data storage. Traditionally, creating a VPN for business has been complicated, expensive and limited.

“GoodAccess revolutionizes the ability for small and medium businesses and organizations to have secure, robust connectivity and access without the complexity or expense,” said Michal Čížek, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, GoodAccess. “For the first time, smaller companies will be able to create a cloud VPN for up to 100 users for free without needing to build hardware infrastructure.”

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GoodAccess Starter extends secure private browsing and use of cloud applications to each employee, protecting their identity, devices and connections. Encrypting the network layer in browser-based connections provides privacy and protects against phishing and malicious software or attacks from compromised or dangerous websites. While most online applications use encryption today, this encryption takes place on the application level, only concealing the content of the communication. Communication metadata, such as domains being accessed, the amount of data being transferred or the kind of device or operating system in use, are still visible to potential attackers and useful in exploiting companies or users.

With low-latency, high-speed VPN gateways, GoodAccess does not reduce the speed or responsiveness of applications or content while securing them. User access monitoring can be maintained for security policy compliance. Interactions with cloud resources and applications are automatically encrypted and protected.

GoodAccess Starter and the full GoodAccess platform is available immediately, directly from GoodAccess.

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