Governance software company, Gimmal LLC, enables compliant collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Governance software company_ Gimmal LLC_ enables compliant collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Gimmal LLC, a Houston-based provider of information governance and compliance software, has just announced the release of Drop Zones for Microsoft Teams. With this solution, Microsoft Teams users have the ability to automatically apply metadata and properly store documents in SharePoint right from the Teams interface.

With a simple drag and drop method, users can drop documents in a designated zone on Microsoft Teams to ease the burden of manual tagging and ensure documents are managed according to policies. While Drop Zones are not a new capability for the 18-year-old information governance company, the Teams integration has been made available to accommodate many newly dispersed workforces who are utilizing Teams for collaboration.

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“With so many organizations implementing Microsoft Teams during the global pandemic, we wanted to deliver an elegant solution that would allow Microsoft Teams users to enable information governance from within Teams: by putting their documents in the right place, with the right metadata, whilst enabling application of records lifecycle when used with the Gimmal Records platform,” says Patrick Wong, Vice President of Product Management at Gimmal.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

  • The acquisition of migration software company, ECM Wise
  • The acquisition of physical records software company, Infolinx
  • The achieved Preferred Partner status for Microsoft’s Content Services Program