JupiterOne Builds Security Community to Enhance Cyber Asset Protection

JupiterOne Builds Security Community to Enhance Cyber Asset Protection-01

JupiterOne, the industry’s leading cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) solutions provider, today announced the launch of the new AskJ1 Community Forum, and other initiatives to bring together communities to support discussions, best practices, and solutions for security professionals.

Security is not a zero-sum game. When leaders and professionals from different organizations collaborate to improve their security postures, everyone (except for the attacker) wins. For this reason, JupiterOne is proud to bring together like-minded security professionals, students, educators, and researchers to level the playing field and to make security a basic right for everyone.

In today’s announcement, JupiterOne is unveiling the following new community offerings and initiatives:

  • AskJ1 Community is a new community-driven forum that brings together JupiterOne users, the JupiterOne team, and security professionals to refine the craft of turning infrastructure and security information into context that drives action. The AskJ1 experience offers members various engagement opportunities such as discussions and events and content such as articles, blogs, and documentation.
  • The North Carolina State University Design Project is a company-sponsored educational effort with the NCSU Senior Design Center and the Department of Computer Science to offer undergraduate students hands-on experience working with leading-edge cloud-native technology, developing cybersecurity skills, and gaining direct engineering experience. In addition, JupiterOne broadens its commitment to the grassroots open-source developer community, with a long-term goal of working with other local universities and researchers around North Carolina.
  • Top Secret Security Happy Hour is an exclusive virtual meetup program hosted by Sounil Yu, CISO and Head of Research at JupiterOne. The monthly sessions encourage senior executives to engage in frank, open discussions about the real-world security challenges they are facing and brainstorm solutions. Attendees include security engineers and CISO-types at the bleeding edge of cloud-native security.
  • The Cyber Therapy Show” is a live talk show hosted by former Forrester analyst and current JupiterOne Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Shields and Sr. Marketing Manager Ashleigh Lee. It brings together security experts, academics, consultants, and those on the front lines to dig into the human perspective of security in an open discussion of industry trends. Upcoming episodes include Data Privacy Day and details on the North Carolina State University Project. The show streams bimonthly on Twitch, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The tech analyst firm Gartner recognized JupiterOne as an “on the rise” vendor for cyber asset attack surface management, or CAASM, in its most recent report on “Hype Cycle for Security Operations, 2021” released in July 2021.