Group-IB joins Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team to bolster cyber defense in the region

Group-IB joins Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team to bolster cyber defense in the region

Group-IB, one of the global leaders in cybersecurity headquartered in Singapore, has announced today that it has joined the Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT), the largest consortium of Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) in the Asia-Pacific region. Group-IB’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-GIB), which serves as the first line of defense for Group-IB and its customers, became the first Corporate Partner and only the second organization from Singapore, after SingCERT, to be accepted into the APCERT community. By joining APCERT, Group-IB will be better equipped to identify and respond to cybersecurity threats and mitigate their impact on its customers and business operations. 

APCERT is a premier organization in the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on promoting regional cooperation on information security and facilitating cyber threat data sharing between the region’s leading computer emergency response teams.

As an accredited member of other prominent CERT communities, such as the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FiRST), Trusted Introducer, and Organisation of The Islamic Cooperation (OIC) CERT,  Group-IB’s Computer Emergency Response Team has been exchanging intelligence with APCERT members in the past. As a recent full-time member of the APCERT consortium, CERT-GIB will be able to fully access an internal information sharing platform to improve the takedown time of malicious infrastructure and phishing resources hosted within the jurisdiction of fellow CERTs.

In 2022, CERT-GIB identified more than 5,700 command and control servers (C&Cs) used by cybercriminals to manage malware and phishing websites. Over a fifth of them (21.3%) were hosted in the Asia-Pacific region. The swift takedown of such resources is key to minimizing the damage to individuals and organizations.

The Asia-Pacific has long been one of the most frequently targeted regions by advanced persistent threat actors (APT), given the region’s strategic technology and commercial hubs. Between H2 2021 – H1 2022, Group-IB detected the activity of more than 35 APTs in APAC. Timely and actionable intelligence are critical components in the fight against sophisticated cyber adversaries.

Powered by Group-IB’s Unified Risk Platform, an ecosystem of solutions that understands each organization’s threat profile and tailors defenses against them in real time, CERT-GIB can detect advanced malicious cyber operations at an early stage and share valuable indicators with relevant parties before severe damage is done. CERT-GIB operates 24/7 as a first aid incident response line for Group-IB’s customers, partners, and anyone else who might need immediate help. It is tasked with threat monitoring, incident containment, and the blocking of phishing and scam websites all around the world. Additionally, Group-IB’s Computer Emergency Response Team is responsible for reaching out to identified victims.

“CERT-GIB will further strengthen the public-private cooperation in the APCERT. It is something that is vital in mitigating cyber threats and incidents. APCERT is always open for the industry to be part of this collaborative platform,” said Mohd Shamir Hashim, Chair of APCERT.

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“As cyber threats continue to evolve and increase in sophistication, timely threat information sharing is critical, says Dmitry Volkov, the CEO of Group-IB. “Joining APCERT will enable us to collaborate closely and share information swiftly with other CERTs in the region to contribute to the collective effort to enhance the level of cybersecurity of Asia-Pacific companies.”

As a member of APCERT, CERT-GIB will have access to an array of resources, including training programs, incident response coordination, and joint cyber drills. Group-IB will contribute to APCERT’s operations by providing relevant and actionable threat information to its member countries. CERT-GIB will also support collaborative efforts such as training, conferences, and joint research initiatives.

“This marks a significant achievement for Group-IB as we expand our capabilities to serve clients globally and in the APAC region, further strengthening our ongoing efforts in combatting cybercrime,” said Shafique Dawood, Group-IB’s Head of Business Development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Group-IB opened its global HQ in Singapore in 2019. Its technologies, dedicated to detecting and preventing cyberattacks, identifying online fraud, and protecting intellectual property, are based on 19 years of investigating cybercriminals. Since 2003, Group-IB has been pursuing its global mission of disrupting cybercrime. The company is an active partner in global investigations led by international law enforcement organizations such as Europol and INTERPOL.

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