Habu Partners With Google Cloud To Power Privacy Safe Data Collaboration & Orchestration

Habu Partners With Google Cloud To Power Privacy Safe Data Collaboration & Orchestration

Habu, the Global Innovator in Data Clean Room Software, today announced a partnership with Google Cloud, that integrates Habu’s Data Clean Room applications natively on Google Cloud’s BigQuery to scale data collaboration for companies, while maintaining the highest level of data privacy and governance.

Habu’s Data Clean Room software is designed to make data collaboration safe and easy enabling companies to increase the velocity and value of data-driven initiatives by empowering them to work within and across distributed data environments to glean insights and execute advanced data science use cases with minimal resources.

The native integration between Habu and Google Cloud’s BigQuery provides companies of all types and sizes a secure environment where rich data can be analyzed and processed without the risk of breaches or unauthorized access. The integration provides both business users and data scientists with a flexible framework and automated intelligence to develop proprietary privacy safe workflows and solutions for profile enrichment, journey analysis, advanced targeting measurement, modeling, activation, distributed machine learning and more.

With Habu and BigQuery, marketers can unify, manage, and govern all types of data, analyze and share data across clouds, and leverage built-in machine learning within their clean room environment to accelerate and scale collaboration opportunities and drive new business growth.

This partnership further expands the areas of integration between Habu with Google Cloud and Google Ads. Habu integrates with Ads Data Hub’s API, as well as tracking to support Display & Video 360’s Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR).

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Key capabilities of Habu’s integrations with Google Cloud include:

  • Interoperability – Securely and seamlessly collaborate with partners within and across cloud environments for maximum collaboration opportunities within the data ecosystem.
  • Complete Privacy & Governance – Develop and implement the desired level of privacy controls with each of your partners while maintaining maximum data security and governance.
  • Native Integration – Orchestrate multi-party workflows for secure collaboration by leveraging Habu’s clean room intelligence applications within Google Cloud using native capabilities like Analytics Hub and Exchanges.
  • Flexible User Experience – Accelerate time to value with an intuitive UI and no-code & low-code applications supporting both business users & data science teams across a spectrum of use cases.

“Data-driven brands require greater access to data to deliver more accurate targeting and effective measurement,” said Matt Kilmartin, Co-founder and CEO of Habu. “We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Google Cloud and our native integration with BigQuery, expanding the work we have been doing with Google Cloud, to provide secure, frictionless and automated collaboration solutions to accelerate business growth for companies.”

“Extending our vision for data clean rooms with partners brings more choice and capability to marketers on Google Cloud,” said Bruno Aziza, Head of Data and Analytics, Google Cloud. “Bringing Habu’s data orchestration and clean room capabilities alongside new privacy-centric BigQuery data clean rooms will help brands get more value and insights from their data across trusted partners.”

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