Trimarc Security Unveils Upcoming Launch of Enterprise Security Posture Assessment Service


Trimarc Security, a professional security services company based out of Washington D.C., has announced the upcoming launch of their Enterprise Security Posture Assessment service. This company focuses on helping organizations and enterprises secure their Microsoft platforms and critical IT infrastructures to ensure their security systems are functioning properly using a “reality-based security model.” The new Enterprise Security Posture Assessment service provided by Trimarc Security will review an enterprise’s security posture in order to identify key security issues that exist within the system. The assessment will also provide clear recommendations on how the enterprise can improve their current security systems to prevent any existing risks from compromising business operations.

“This new service offered by Trimarc Security will help our clients take their security to the next level. Our team of experts has been working nonstop to ensure we are helping enterprises to achieve the highest level of security possible, and now, we have developed a way to offer services to assess and fine-tune security postures,” said Sean Metcalf, CEO of Trimarc Security. “This service was originally developed as an attempt to revamp a Purple Team concept, but when that didn’t work out, we ditched the Purple Team methodology and started from scratch. Now, we have a risk-management assessment approach that is programmed to detect weaknesses that can create opportunities for attackers. Our innovative new security posture assessment method will help to empower security leaders while simultaneously breaking down large complex strategic security risks into smaller, manageable components.”

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This enterprise-grade security assessment service will be a gamechanger for organizations who want to identify impactful risks that can compromise business operations. When choosing the Enterprise Security Posture Assessment service, clients can expect an in-depth review of key technologies and areas such as Active Directory, Windows Workstations, Windows Servers, Risky User Behavior, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Attack Path Analysis, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and Security Monitoring Gap Analysis. Trimac Security can provide exclusive tools to assist analysts, security managers, and executives in developing an advanced security system that minimizes pathways for attackers to exploit any existing risks. This assessment will also be valuable in helping organizations to determine their current ability to detect and respond to these types of security risks.

With this service, risk mitigation is made simple for enterprises who wish to have effective security systems without needing 24/7 monitoring. Trimarc Security is able to work with organizations and enterprises of all sizes to identify critical security concerns and enhance current systems that are in place. The Enterprise Security Posture Assessment service was launched with accompanying webcasts.

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