Heartland Investigative Group and Capture Research have Merged into a Single Division Named CaptureINTEL®

Heartland Investigative Group and Capture Research have Merged into a Single Division Named CaptureINTEL®-01

American Security LLC, a leading integrated security provider based in the United States, is pleased to announce that it has merged its investigative divisions, Heartland Investigative Group and Capture Research, into a single division named CaptureINTEL.

Through the collaborative partnership, CaptureINTEL can expand the scope of its expert investigative and intelligence services and geographic reach. As a result, this allows the company to serve its clients better and drive greater efficiency in its operations.

As a division of American Security LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsden Holding LLC, CaptureINTEL is a nationwide investigative services and Midwest executive protection company that empowers its clients with valuable intel and provides licensed security services in the field. This includes everything from due diligence investigations for merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions to qualified executive security and field surveillance of insurance claimants.

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Based on a 2021 research study conducted by a third-party marketing firm, Heartland/Capture scored higher than the competition on all eight attributes listed (qualified/trustworthy, easy-to-understand reports, flexible to work with, overall satisfaction, turnaround times met, response times to inquiries, red flag notifications, and value-quality for the cost). In addition, the Net Promoter Score was 83.4% among “Promoters” who are very likely to recommend Heartland/Capture to a colleague or as a professional referral. CaptureINTEL will carry forward the best qualities from Heartland and Capture to its customers, new and old.

“Marsden and American Security are looking forward to the future by continuing our dedication to delivering superior service for our customers,” said the CEO of Marsden Guy Mingo. “We will conduct business as usual as we transition with the name change, billing, and infrastructure to streamline our processes. I also want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their partnership, business, and ongoing relationship.”

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