Horizon3.ai Launches New NodeZero Consulting PLUS Program to Accelerate Revenue Opportunities for Partners

Horizon3.ai Launches New NodeZero Consulting PLUS Program to Accelerate Revenue Opportunities for Partners-01

Horizon3.ai, a cybersecurity firm focused on autonomous penetration testing, today announced the launch of the Consulting PLUS Program. The program offers cybersecurity consultants and service providers to leverage NodeZero – their autonomous pentesting platform – as part of their consulting engagements. The NodeZero Consulting PLUS Program provides authorized Horizon3.ai Alliance partners to use NodeZero to increase the value of their consulting and IT professional services engagements with an attractive win-win business model.

NodeZero acts as a force multiplier, helping to preserve or increase margins by enabling Alliance Partners to cover more accounts with a smaller team. It continuously assesses an enterprise’s attack surface to identify ways a skilled attacker could chain together harvested credentials, misconfigurations, dangerous product defaults, and exploitable vulnerabilities to compromise systems and data. NodeZero quickly identifies exploitable attack vectors and ineffective security controls so Alliance Partners’ resources are spent fixing what matters most.

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Benefits of the NodeZero Consulting PLUS Program include:

  • Unlimited use of NodeZero for penetration tests
  • Unlimited sequential penetration test operations
  • Unlimited IP Addresses per penetration test operation
  • Special pricing for authorized Horizon3.ai Alliance Partners
  • Ensures a comprehensive assessment of a client’s security posture and rapid time-to-value.
  • Consulting Partners have access to the Horizon3.ai Customer Success Team for questions regarding operations reports and any issues that need to be resolved

“The mission of Horizon3.ai is to help all organizations harden their systems and improve their security controls PRIOR to a breach. The only way to do that is to continuously attempt to exploit every attack path, because defenders have to get it right every time, but attackers only have to be right once. Many organizations don’t have the time or resources required to onboard and staff a complete cybersecurity team, which is why they lean on consultants to help keep their networks secure,” said Snehal Antani, co-founder and CEO of Horizon3.ai. “The NodeZero Consulting PLUS Program acts as a force multiplier for our Alliance Partners so they can accurately prioritize weaknesses, fix issues that are actually exploitable, and identify & fix gaps in security controls. For example, how do you know you’re logging the right data, or that your endpoint detection & response (EDR) product is properly configured on every endpoint? Why wait for a breach to find out? ”

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