ID Quantique extends the XG Series by Introducing Clavis XG

ID Quantique extends the XG Series by Introducing Clavis XG-01

ID Quantique, the world leader in quantum cybersecurity solutions, today launched the Clavis XG at the Inside Quantum Technology conference (IQT). It expands the XG Series with higher key throughput and extended distance range, aiming at providing the highest level of trust to governments and enterprises for future proof data protection. It is also designed as a platform to offer “QKD as a Service” to a wider range of customers.

Traditional security is being challenged every day. Increased geopolitical and commercial pressure, technological advancements and malicious actors are putting our data confidentiality and sovereignty at risk.

Safety of current encryption methods, and especially of the key exchange mechanisms based on asymmetric cryptography, is a major concern today particularly for governments and enterprises which must protect data for five to ten years or more. Possible back-doors in current systems combined with massive computing power already put high-value sensitive data at risk of being decrypted by malevolent actors. Moreover, the arrival of quantum computers is imminent and will render asymmetric key exchanges unsafe: encrypted data can be stored now and easily decrypted later.

For over 15 years now, IDQ has been commercializing Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) that generates and distributes cryptographic keys across a provably secure communication network, to safely encrypt or authenticate data. In contrast to conventional key distribution algorithms, QKD is the only known cryptographic technique which offers forward security, resilient to new attack algorithms and upcoming quantum computers. A significant advantage of QKD technology resides in the fact that its reliability is not impacted by technological advancements nor time.

After launching the first model of the XG Series last year (Cerberis XG) for standard key rate generation and medium distance interconnection, IDQ is now expanding the range with the Clavis XG, a system designed for production environments that require high key transmission rate or extended range interconnection. With this product, IDQ now offers a full range of solutions for both the metro and backbone. The XG Series supports any kind of network topologies, such as point-to-point, relay, ring, and star networks.

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The Clavis XG is:

  • Provably secure key distribution and instantaneous intrusion detection
  • For high key rate exchange or extended distance range interconnection
  • Smallest foot print – 1U high rack mountable; saving rack space in datacenters
  • Broad interoperability with major Ethernet and OTN encryption vendors
  • Easy installation and remote support

The XG Series is designed for reliable uninterrupted and long-term operation by providing high availability services. It Is compatible with IDQ’s QKD management and monitoring framework, which integrates current Software-Defined Network (SDN) QKD ETSI standards as well as IDQ’s Quantum Management System (QNET QMS) to facilitate all large QKD deployments.

It also embeds enhanced trusted security components, such as tamper detection, a secure memory module as well as IDQ’s latest QRNG technology which provides proven randomness for all the related crypto storage.

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