Idency Wins Anviz 2022 Partner of the Year Award for Biometric Authentication Solutions

Idency Wins Anviz 2022 Partner of the Year Award for Biometric Authentication Solutions

Idency Ltd, a Surrey-based authentication and security provider, has been recognised by global security experts, Anviz Global, for their work in the sale and support of its biometric hardware solutions, with a primary focus on new facial recognition terminals.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an exponential increase in demand for contactless solutions for authentication and time & attendance. Contact-based technologies such as RFID tags, fingerprint and palm recognition are being rejected, and facial recognition is leading the way.

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Facial recognition technology has evolved considerably in the last few years, and the pandemic has accelerated its development through improved facial mapping, encryption and ease of implementation. As well as ensuring entry points are kept hygienic, facial recognition systems offer increased security and efficiency to businesses.

Anviz Global Inc is a leader in the manufacture of devices that excel in this technology, with fast, versatile and accurate terminals. Idency is able to innovate and tailor solutions to meet client requirements through hardware customisation and integration with cloud-based solutions. Adam Gardner, Idency Technical Director, said “We are delighted to be acknowledged for our work with Anviz, which has seen a large increase in sales for this type of Biometric Technology. It is clear that businesses are seeing the benefits of facial recognition to keep their employees and data safe”.

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