Resecurity (USA) Teams Up With Crestan To Accelerate Cybersecurity In GCC

Resecurity (USA) Teams Up With Crestan To Accelerate Cybersecurity In GCC

Resecurity, a U.S. cybersecurity and intelligence company, announced its partnership with Crestan to expand Resecurity’s AI-driven cybersecurity solutions and threat intelligence services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Crestan is a leading VAD in that region specializing in cybersecurity solutions across key market verticals. Both companies will be exhibiting at GISEC 2023 14 – 16 March 2023 with a joint partner booth and series of workshops at Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE to showcase cyber threat intelligence, digital risk and identity protection solutions at joint booth A1 Hall 8.

The digital economy in the MENA region is evolving rapidly, driven by factors such as increasing internet penetration, smartphone adoption, and government initiatives to promote digital transformation. E-commerce and digital payments are growing rapidly in the region, and there are a number of start-ups and technology companies emerging in areas such as fintech, e-health, and ride-hailing. Additionally, governments in the region are investing in digital infrastructure and promoting policies to encourage the development of the digital economy.

Cybersecurity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is a growing concern as the region becomes increasingly connected and reliant on technology. The region has a high level of cyber threats, including those related to hacking, phishing, and malware. Additionally, there are concerns about the use of cyberattacks by state-sponsored actors and terrorist groups.

Despite these challenges, there are also efforts being made to improve cybersecurity in the MENA region. Governments in the region are investing in cybersecurity infrastructure and implementing regulations to protect against cyber threats. There are also private sector companies and organizations working to improve cybersecurity in the region, such as cybersecurity consulting firms and technology companies that specialize in security solutions.

“We are extremely excited to form a partnership with Crestan and to collaborate in order to provide our products and services to all industries in the MENA region. This partnership will enable us to expand our reach and bring our solutions to a wider range of customers in this dynamic and growing market. We believe that by combining our expertise and resources with those of Crestan, we will be able to better serve the needs of businesses and organizations in the MENA region and help them to achieve their goals through the use of our innovative technology and services.” – said Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity, Inc.

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“We are very pleased and honored to be working as the distributor for Resecurity in the Middle East and North Africa region. Crestan and Resecurity are fully committed to improving the protection of critical infrastructure and providing comprehensive threat prevention solutions to our valued clients. The partnership between our teams, the collaboration, advanced technology and the ongoing support from Resecurity have all contributed to the success of our partnership. We look forward to the year 2023 with great optimism as we anticipate more achievements and successes together.” – said Sandra Salame, General Manager of Crestan.

Resecurity’s cutting-edge cybersecurity products enable organizations to efficiently identify, evaluate, and address potential cyber threats. The company’s solutions are designed to stay ahead of cybercriminals who use sophisticated methods to target organizations on a large scale. Resecurity’s AI-powered platform empowers administrators to minimize security vulnerabilities and blind spots by providing detailed analysis and specific information obtained from various sources such as the Dark Web, botnet activity, network analytics, and high-quality threat intelligence. This allows administrators to quickly and effectively respond to cyber threats, ensuring the protection of the organization’s sensitive information and assets.

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