Immuta and initions partner to offer automated data security for Snowflake customers

Immuta and initions partner to offer automated data security for Snowflake customers

Immuta, the data security leader, and initions, the experts in business intelligence and data cloud systems, today announced a strategic partnership to offer Snowflake and Databricks customers automated data security and governance as part of initions’ integrated portfolio of platforms.

The partnership between Immuta and initions allows German organisations using Snowflake or Databricks to streamline data access and security across borders to enable secure data sharing. By reducing the complexity, enterprises can focus on business growth underpinned by robust data security and compliance.

The partnership marks the first of its kind for initions, and follows a successful trial period.  Customers will benefit from Immuta’s data security platform to  ensure the safe enforcement of strict data policies and overcome barriers to scale data access in the cloud.

André Paul Henkel, CEO initions, said: “By partnering with Immuta,  our customers have access to the strongest data security platform on the market fit for discovering, protecting, and monitoring their data to the highest standard.

“There is often hesitancy from businesses when it comes to moving data off site, as it can be difficult to keep track of the latest changes in data regulations. Organisations will often delay cloud migration which hinders their business growth potential.  Immuta relieves our customers of this uncertainty as they scale, giving them the confidence to take full advantage of secure data sharing, whilst remaining 100% data compliant.”

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Tim Marston, Director for EMEA and APJ Alliances, Immuta said: “When data is often spread across many platforms and locations, it can become complicated to manage data access all whilst navigating global data policy and privacy changes.  When organisations are confident in their approaches to data security, they are able to maximise the full potential of investments in data analytics platforms and utilise data across the whole business.”

Immuta’s platform is used across all verticals, including financial services, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and public sector organisations, as well as leading tech firms. Immuta’s growing partner network of top cloud data platforms includes Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, and Starburst.

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