INFODAS and OPSWAT Partnership Combines SECRET Accredited Multidomain Solutions with Malware Protection for Critical Domains

INFODAS and OPSWAT Partnership

INFODAS, a leader in multidomain solutions, partners with OPSWAT, the leader in content-based threat protection, to enable solutions to secure access for sensitive areas up to SECRET in the public sector and critical infrastructure.

Public sector bodies dealing with classified information and wanting to benefit from digitization face three issues. First, they need to control what data leaves sensitive domains. Second, they need to make sure sensitive and non-sensitive areas are kept separate at all times. Third, they must ensure that incoming data from other networks or portable media does not include dangerous payloads such as ransomware or zero-day attacks. Operators of critical infrastructure face similar problems when they combine operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT).

By combining the INFODAS One-Way SDoT Diode or Two-Way SDoT Security Gateway with OPSWAT’s MetaDefender Kiosk and Vault, all of the above issues are addressed. SDoT multidomain solutions control the flow of data to all layers and constantly maintain logical separation of domains. They protect what is inside a system similar to a border checkpoint. MetaDefender and Kiosk verify all data coming from outside through an intense process of scanning and sanitizing all data components by over 35 anti-malware engines. MetaDefender can also be combined with the solution from INFODAS for the automatic management of patches of formerly “air-gapped” systems. Furthermore, MetaDefender Vault is a secure file storage and recovery solution that protects critical data and keeps threats at bay. It limits access within an organization and provides important information for monitoring and auditing.

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All elements of the Secure Domain Transition (SDoT) product family have met the stringent requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for hardware and software security at German SECRET level and below. NATO and EU SECRET approvals were also granted after extensive multi-year reviews. This makes it easy to achieve a solution architecture with MetaDefender accredited in military, homeland security, and intelligence scenarios, and provides military-level peace of mind to critical infrastructure information security professionals. .

Thorsten Ecke , Managing Director of INFODAS, is delighted with this partnership and the combination of German and American technology. “The OPSWAT and INFODAS product range are very complementary and help solve real-world information security problems.” Dr. Alexander Schellong, Vice President for International Affairs, added: “Over the past three years, several clients have asked us for this partnership. I am happy that we passed all the tests successfully and I look forward to working with OPSWAT in Germany and internationally ”.

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Tom Mullen, Senior Vice President of Business Development at OPSWAT is also enthusiastic: “As a cybersecurity provider focused on protecting the public sector and critical infrastructure, our customers often ask us how they should secure and control the transport of data. analyzed by MetaDefender across security domains. We are happy to recommend the SDoT products from INFODAS, which offer effective and certified solutions for these two fundamental requirements. The integration of OPSWAT’s MetaDefender and INFODAS ‘SDoT CDS provides a seamless solution to control and secure the domains of data passage while ensuring that the data to be transported does not include dangerous payloads. ”

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