Inspira Enterprise, Inc. Introduces iSMART2 “Vulnerability Management-in-the-Box”

Inspira Enterprise Inc
Inspira Enterprise_ Inc. Introduces iSMART2 Vulnerability Management-in-the-Box

Inspira Enterprise, Inc., a leader in business outcome-based cybersecurity solutions and digital transformation, today announced the launch of its “Vulnerability Management-in-the-Box,” powered by the iSMART2 (Intelligent, Simplified, Measurable, Adaptive, Risk Based, Threat Centric, Tailored) framework. iSMART2 Vulnerability Management-in-the-Box is a unified SaaS platform that provides vulnerability scanning and identification, prioritization, auto remediation and validation with end-to-end visibility, governance and analytics to optimize and automate application security risk posture. The Inspira solution is accelerating enterprise risk reduction with top-line technologies from select OEM partners, including ArmorCode, ShiftLeft, Qualys, Ivanti and Trellix, to provide an all-inclusive, one-stop solution for threat vulnerability management.

Organizations are in desperate need of a unified view of the threat landscape that can help them prioritize and remediate the vulnerabilities in the complex hybrid landscape using automation. Geared towards businesses of all sizes, the iSMART2 Vulnerability Management-in-the-Box foundation is built around key technologies from each of the respective partners to give customers premium facets of digital protection and infrastructure management, including:

  • Security intelligence and analytics
  • Security ops resilience
  • Managed detection and response
  • Governance
  • Closed loop remediation
  • Integrated IT service management (ITSM)
  • Secure code testing

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As organizations shift from a compliance-centered security mindset to an active cybersecurity stance, security teams need to adapt to keep pace with evolving business objectives. The innovative threat and vulnerability management (TVM) solution allows organizations to quickly remedy fractured IT ecosystems and other digital assets including applications, services, infrastructure and cloud.

Lalit Ahluwalia, CEO and global cybersecurity head for Americas, Inspira, said: “The beauty of partnering with premium vendors in varying disciplines of the cybersecurity and IT realms is the ability to provide customers with the best possible solutions on the market for each category in one place. Vulnerability Management-in-the-box is a hassle-free, powerhouse threat vulnerability managed solution tailored to drive down mean time to remediation and mitigate vulnerabilities before they emerge.”

Nikhil Gupta, CEO and co-founder, ArmorCode, said: “ArmorCode defines a prioritization strategy based on vulnerability severity, risk, and threat intelligence, and delivers the analytics needed to provide insight into vulnerability trends over time. This packaged solution makes industry-leading and modern technologies readily accessible with simplified packaging to organizations big and small; eventually driving cyber maturity in our global IT ecosystem.”

Karun Malik, vice president of strategic alliances, Qualys, said: “Inspira is leveraging the power of Qualys Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response (VMDR) for its vulnerability solution bringing its customers unprecedented insight into their risk posture and providing them with actionable steps to reduce risk. The all-inclusive approach from Inspira will help organizations prioritize and quickly respond to today’s most critical cyber threats.”

Arun Balakrishnan, vice president of products, ShiftLeft, said: “Cybersecurity must be present in all facets of the customer environment and that begins with the code. ShiftLeft’s next generation code analysis platform dramatically reduces risk by helping find and fix vulnerabilities before they ever make it into production. We are thrilled to see Inspira’s commitment in bringing a unique solution to the market that enables organizations to make leaps and bounds with their cyber maturity goals.”

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Srinivas Mukkamala, senior vice president and general manager of security business, Ivanti, said: “There are intricacies that come with the selection and integration of vulnerability management solutions in today’s volatile cybersecurity environment. Ivanti focuses on making the process easier for companies of all sizes with our Ivanti Neurons platform which is designed to self-heal, self-secure and empower users to self-service. We are thrilled to partner with Inspira and push the boundaries of innovation together as the Vulnerability Management-in-the-Box approach is a much-needed change to reduce this complexity and bolster an organization’s cybersecurity profile.”

Britt Norwood, senior vice president of channel and commercial sales, Trellix, said: “Threats are ever-changing, and customers need a solution that adapts at the speed of threat actors to deliver advanced cyber threat intelligence without complexity. This partnership is outcome driven, leveraging best-of-breed solutions and a pragmatic approach for vulnerability discovery and eradication.”

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