IntSights Launches PCI Threat Intelligence Offering Ahead of PCI 4.0

PCI Threat Intelligence

Global Threat Intelligence Firm Guides Customers Through Development of Global Risk Strategy

IntSights, the threat intelligence company focused on enabling enterprises to Defend Forward™, announced today the launch of the company’s newest integrated product and services offering, PCI DSS Threat Intelligence Analyzer, ahead of PCI DSS 4.0 in 2021. This new offering will enable businesses that are required to comply with the PCI DSS a prioritized advanced view of their PCI in-scope systems, data, and assets on the clear, deep, and dark web, before they become a threat and increase risk to their data protection policy.

As the only threat intelligence company with a dedicated compliance and data privacy practice, the new IntSights solution empowers our PCI DSS intelligence assessment consultations, which are led by Chris Strand, Chief Compliance Officer at IntSights, and the founder and former leader of the compliance practice at Carbon Black. With threat intelligence emerging as a necessity for PCI DSS covered entities and a critical part of a risk-based approach to cybersecurity, IntSights is enabling continuous compliance with PCI and other regulations, like GDPR, while assisting with audits and improving overall security.

IntSights supports PCI DSS by providing customers with the intelligence to prioritize security vulnerabilities and protect systems that process, transmit, and store credit card data. In addition, IntSights helps to validate the secure transmission of cardholder data, providing proactive validation of data encryption technologies, as well as uncovering cardholder data exposure and leakage. IntSights reinforces payment systems tests and processes that help maintain the overall data security policy.

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“As a long-standing supporter and advocate of the PCI SSC, I am looking forward to the next version of the regulation and collaboration with IntSights’ global customer base to infuse the new requirements into compliance strategies,” said Chris Strand, Chief Compliance Officer, IntSights. “IntSights is focused on ensuring that global enterprises have visibility into any exposure or risk on the clear, deep, and dark web that would threaten security controls for PCI DSS compliance and other data protection regulations. With this commitment, customers can rest assured that they have an extra set of automated eyes looking out for them.”

The IntSights approach to PCI DSS gives customers a baseline framework from which they can diminish risk associated with the payments ecosystem. IntSights supports this framework, through:

  • Gap Analysis: IntSights provides native support for the PCI DSS Gap Analysis, identifying gaps to customer security posture through the pre-compliance data gathering process, as well as helping to identify control problems in advance of an audit.

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  • Digital Footprinting: IntSights provides targeted digital footprinting to disclose and map an organization’s exposure across the clear, deep, and dark web. For PCI DSS, this enables the ability to get full visibility of any cardholder data that may be exposed or stolen.
  • Risk Assessment: IntSights provides context to the proactive collection of threat intelligence by enriching the PCI annual risk assessment and accelerating the prioritization of vulnerabilities, risks, and threats to cardholder data.

Chris Strand, Chief Compliance Officer, IntSights, will be speaking at the 2020 PCI SSC Europe Community Meeting event on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, in a session titled “How Modern Cyber Threat Intelligence Can Be Used to Accelerate PCI DSS Compliance.