launches and emerges from stealth

Easy to use risk assessments and procurement from actual cybersecurity experts

Today, RealCISO Inc, a cloud-based cybersecurity assessment and marketplace, announced their launch of  This product is an easy to use platform for businesses to use as a guided assessment tool for cybersecurity against standards like NIST CSF, SOC2 or the Critical Security Controls Top 20.  The currently available options to these businesses are limited, complex, and costly. This is why was born.

RealCISO CEO Brian Haugli said, “The need for this platform arose from seeing small businesses and mid-market companies lacking a cost-effective means to perform an assessment, track alignment to acceptable controls, and be provided an unbiased view of product and service selection for procurement. Cybersecurity posture should drive the right risk management strategy, not a sales commission.”

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The platform’s initial offering includes a free and an unlimited tier with plans to release an enterprise version in Q4 2020.  The free tier will remain free and give companies the ability to conduct a guided assessment, view their top risks, and access a curated open marketplace to produce products and services to address gaps.  The unlimited tier includes these features but extends reporting functionality, risk visibility, and access to policy templates to allow businesses to move quickly.