iQvault: Revolutionizing Cyber Security

iQvault Revolutionizing Cyber Security

iQvault is a patented, propriety application utilizing technology that exceeds today’s standards for encryption/decryption. It presents solutions that address the needs of both secure business transmission of data and user authentication.

Established in Los Angeles, CA, 2012, iQvcloud is dedicated to securing data at rest. It has developed a software, iQvault, that renders your information useless when in the hands of anyone other than authorized users.

The Next Level In Data Protection: Beyond Encryption, Beyond A Product.
Established as a revolutionary information security platform, iQvault provides real-time protection for individuals, enterprises, and governments worldwide against current and next-generation cyber-attacks.

State Of The Art Technology. Ultimate Data Protection.
iQvault stands prepared with technology tools to prevent tragedy. The technology is based on using a varying number of randomly selected inputs to fragment data files into a random number of fragments known as “shards.” These shards are stored on a single storage disk or multiple disks that do not have any meta tags, identifiers, or pathways to describe the data properties.

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iQvcloud Raises The Bar For Data Security.
Unlike standard data protection, the company’s iQvault goes two steps further than encrypting data files. It removes all identification tags and then disperses the shards of data across multiple media locations. These files can only be reassembled through the iQvault application gateway.

Patented. Original. Proprietary.

  •     iQvcloud’s patented technology has never been hacked or breached.
  •     Offers up-to-date data security practices.
  •     Easy to install and use.


  •     Prevents all digitally stored information from being shared publicly.
  •     Renders data useless when in the custody of any individual other than authorized users.


  •     Offers superior information protection and access controlled by the user.
  •     Prevents unauthorized users from reading the information in the event of a compromised system.
  •     Randomly shreds data and stores it wherever the customer chooses.
  •     No meta tags and identifiers.

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