IronCore Labs Introduces Advanced Searchable Encryption Features


IronCore Labs, the leading provider of data security for modern cloud applications, announced the release of the next generation of Cloaked Search, the encrypted search proxy that secures data in Elasticsearch and OpenSearch.

“The new features we’ve added to Cloaked Search allow current and future customers to expand their usage of application-layer encryption and protect sensitive data in their search services,” said Patrick Walsh, CEO of IronCore Labs. “Companies need to search over personal information, messages, and confidential files, which makes their search service a prime target for attackers. Unfortunately, that data is almost always under-protected. Cloaked Search fixes this problem.”

Cloaked Search encrypts the sensitive data before it goes to the search service. Only those with the correct key are able to search over the data. To unauthorized users without the key, including cloud platform administrators, the search index holds meaningless data.

Cloaked Search drops in front of the most popular search services in use today, including Elasticsearch and OpenSearch. It can be configured to protect any fields and indices desired.

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The next generation of Cloaked Search from IronCore Labs includes:

  • Batch Indexing: Batch indexing is supported for Elasticsearch and OpenSearch, in addition to the already supported single-document indexing. Batch indexing provides a smoother onboarding process and increases performance for customers indexing many documents at once.
  • Multi-index Support: Multi-index support allows customers to search across multiple protected indices in a single query.
  • Subdocument Support: Object field type support allows customers to utilize nested data structures within a JSON document. Fields are able to hold and protect sub-documents, allowing for richer indexing and search use cases.
  • Advanced JSON Query Support: Allows queries to be made using advanced JSON syntax for more granular search abilities and flexibility.
  • Performance Enhancements: Improvements in the Cloaked Search product have decreased indexing times for documents.
  • Configuration File Changes: Cloaked Search configuration settings now better align with Elasticsearch and OpenSearch configuration settings to simplify onboarding, setup, and maintenance.
  • Type-ahead search: Cloaked Search now supports native type-ahead, including single-character autocomplete.

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