Keeper launches Cybersecurity Influencer Advocacy Program for Social Media Content Creators

Keeper launches Cybersecurity Influencer Advocacy Program for Social Media Content Creators

Keeper Security, the leading provider of cloud-based zero-trust and zero-knowledge cybersecurity software protecting passwords, secrets, connections and privileged access, today announces the launch of its groundbreaking influencer program, the Keeper Ambassador League. This unique initiative aims to collaborate with content creators from all social media platforms who are passionate about cybersecurity and eager to share their experiences using Keeper’s industry-leading password manager.

The Keeper Ambassador League is on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals who have personally experienced the benefits of Keeper’s password manager and are keen to spread the word to help protect others against the most pervasive and dangerous cyberthreats. Through this program, ambassadors will have the opportunity to share their stories, insights, and honest reviews about Keeper, empowering their audiences to take control of their online security.

“We are excited to introduce the Keeper Ambassador League, a global community of cybersecurity advocates who believe in our mission to protect and empower individuals and businesses worldwide,” said Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper Security. “By partnering with influencers who are genuine Keeper enthusiasts, we aim to create a collective force that can amplify the critical need for strong password management to protect your most sensitive data.”

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The Keeper Ambassador League is unlike other influencer programs. Keeper’s program was created to develop and foster long-term relationships with participants who seek to help their followers improve their online security. Participants will be eligible to receive a complimentary, lifetime subscription to Keeper Unlimited, valued at USD$2,500, granting them access to Keeper’s premium password manager to protect their online presence for life. Additionally, ambassadors will receive a 50% commission on new revenue generated through their influencer efforts to reward them for their commitment to promoting cybersecurity awareness.

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