Global Trust & Safety Leaders To Combat Evolving Fraud In A ChatGPT World

Global Trust & Safety Leaders to combat evolving fraud in a ChatGPT World

Global leaders from Trustpilot, Pasabi and leading trust & safety operators have joined forces to roadmap the challenges presented by the adoption of AI tools by malicious actors.

Industry experts gathered at the Marketplace Risk event to discuss the evolving challenge of recognising authentic content in a ChatGPT World, including how ChatGPT is now being used to aid fraudsters and why behavioural analytics combined with content analysis are the most powerful tools for bad actor detection.

The session also explored how AI technology can be used to help automate content moderation at scale, and what considerations are necessary for platforms looking to tackle fake content and bad actors effectively.

The event’s panel consisted of Yu-Lan Scholliers, Head of Product at Checkstep, Chris Downie, CEO & Co-Founder of Pasabi, Anoop Joshi, VP Legal & Platform Integrity of Trustpilot, and Saray Covey, Technology Partner Development at Alliance to Counter Crime Online.

As consumers increasingly turn to online shopping, it was revealed that 95 per cent of consumers base their purchase decisions upon online reviews. However, research has also revealed that 82 per cent of consumers have read a fake review in the last year.

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Chris Downie, CEO & Co-Founder of Pasabi, commented: “The proliferation of fraudulent reviews significantly impacts more than £130m in annual online transactions. While regulators, such as the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), are beginning to respond to this issue, it remains imperative for review platforms to take action to combat the challenge.

A crucial aspect of efforts to tackle the rise of fraudulent threats involves a collaborative approach involving regulators, businesses and providers of fraud detection software to detect fake reviews and hold bad actors responsible. This will in turn help bolster consumer trust as well as business confidence.”

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