Kingscom offers Unique Integrated Digital Media and Marketing Services to APAC

Kingscom offers Unique Integrated Digital Media and Marketing Services to APAC

Thursday, October 1, Pune (India): The ability to connect with the target audience is the strongest weapon in the marketing team’s armament today. This is the power that Kingscom APAC – the new creative media house and digital agency, a part of Kingscom Worldwide, will provide to the market. Kingscom Worldwide is a division of Kings Corporation – a multinational 2000+ people company with offices in over 8 countries. Also with its huge marketing services portfolio, Kings owns business interests in tech, food, hospitality, automobiles, retail & infrastructure.

Says Kartik Anand, Executive Chairman of Kings Corporation, “After observing the evolution of demand generation and integrated marketing sector, we decided this is the right time to develop a new range of media services, which will help global brands respond better to market needs. Asia Pacific is an excellent market to serve not only B2B but also our newly launched B2C media planning and creative services.”

Kingscom APAC will be led by Ms. Kitty Walker, who will be responsible for developing Kingscom as a full scale integrated marketing agency. She will be working closely with the global leadership to bolster the brand locally. “We are very excited to be launching Kingscom today in Asia Pacific. Kingscom are a media house and creative studio all in one. We are excited to provide future clients with a one stop shop where their media strategists and buyers are sat next to our content creators and designers. Our goal is to help marketers in Asia Pacific deliver successful marketing strategies and campaigns and save time by liaising with one agency that delivers all of their needs,” says Ms. Walker, speaking on the new launch.

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As the marketing process across verticals will be largely driven by the new normal, digital and creative services will need innovative and deeply insightful strategies. Kingscom caters to this need- offering strong integrated creative, media and digital services to help established and challenger brands drive new products, launch campaigns and create a powerful and dependable presence in their markets.

With decades of experience in identifying and enabling a bull’s-eye connect with target audiences; Kingscom will deliver a unique ability to create deeply dynamic lead generation and marketing strategies. A one stop shop to serve all marketing targets- it’s an agency which can serve all client needs with in house media strategists and buyers, working with highly creative content and design experts- that offer impactful and cost optimized, extremely effective campaigns!

Adds Sameer Datta, CEO Kingscom Worldwide, “Kingscom APAC is a culmination of over 40 years of shared experiences in media and advertising, brought to fruition to create a complete integrated partner, which is focused on delivering unprecedented value for established and emerging brands.”

Kingscom APAC also offers master brand, portfolio strategy and planning, deeply researched digital trends and landscape data, as also audience research and insights. It will design cross market strategies for brands, based on extensive knowledge on market-specific media nuances.  With years of expertise in B2B and B2C media strategy across a huge range of media channels and markets and channel selection, Kingscom will drive media strategy and execution, as well as regular assessment of paid media spend.

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The creative team of Kingscom delivers topnotch content planning and designing, creating impactful and disruptive Social Media content, influencer planning and marketing, and video and animation services. The creative content support extends to graphic design, website UX & design, localization of global assets and management of all print and digital assets.

Kingscom APAC delivers inspiration, impact, and innovation through this unique agency model, truly engaging bulls-eye target audiences and driving results for businesses.

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