KLDiscovery Launches Nebula Enterprise Server-Rack Appliance

KLDiscovery Launches Nebula Enterprise™ Server-Rack Appliance-01

KLDiscovery Inc. (“KLDiscovery”, “KLD” or the “Company”), a leading provider of global electronic discovery, information governance and data recovery technology solutions, announced that it is launching a new Nebula Enterprise product line to accommodate its clients’ and partners’ geographic and data control needs.

Nebula Enterprise brings the power, flexibility, and enhanced feature set of Nebula® to customers’ data centers in a plug-and-play expandable appliance designed to address a myriad of security and compliance considerations. Nebula Enterprise models are available in a wide range of capacities, addressing a wide range of use cases. For example, five terabyte units are ideal for corporations or law firms seeking a small scale, low maintenance, in-house eDiscovery capability, while capacities up to 100 terabytes can make up a large eDiscovery vendor’s entire technology stack.

“Widespread public cloud adoption among eDiscovery software providers has effectively limited the choices available to customers who have unique geographic, security, or other business constraints. Meanwhile, many eDiscovery software providers have made architectural decisions that effectively lock them and their customers into the public cloud,” said Christopher Weiler, CEO of KLDiscovery Inc. “We believe the market is best served by maximizing flexibility in deployment models for our clients and partners. With Nebula Enterprise, we have chosen to serve those with unique requirements with the same high-performance, cutting-edge, eDiscovery platform available in the cloud, packaged as a high-availability, self-healing appliance.”