Kontra Joins GitLab Inc program

Kontra Joins GitLab Inc.'s Alliance Partner Program-01

Kontra, an application security training provider, today announced it has joined the partner program for GitLab Inc., the provider of The DevOps Platform, as a Technology Alliance partner. Kontra was recently acquired by ThriveDX, a leading global cybersecurity and digital skills training company, and is now a part of ThriveDX’s enterprise B2B division, ThriveDX SaaS.

This partnership will provide developers with access to Kontra’s interactive examples for both common weakness enumeration (CWE) as well as detailed tutorials on how such vulnerabilities can lead to a security breach. Kontra’s proprietary content efficiently communicates the security impact of bugs and ensures that developers’ experience with the static application security testing (SAST) tools is seamless and engaging. Best of all, Kontra’s offerings allow users to customize trainings to closely mimic real-world issues they face within their own company.

Kontra is the first and only application security training software that supports the SCORM eLearning standard. Kontra works out-of-the-box with third-party learning management systems and enterprise training platforms to enable security education excellence for companies of all sizes.

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“Many developers aren’t familiar with software vulnerabilities, the associated security jargon, or how software bugs can impact the security of their application,” said Gyan Chawdhary, Founder and CEO, Kontra. “With Kontra’s offerings, developers can take on the mind of a hacker and analyze attack surfaces within their applications to learn first-hand how secure code patches can fix vulnerabilities in real-time.”

“According to GitLab’s DevSecOps Survey, 39 percent of developers feel fully responsible for security in their organizations,” said Nima Badiey, VP of Global Alliances, GitLab. “GitLab prioritizes shifting security left, and we are constantly looking to partner with organizations that align with our mission to encourage developers to embrace security skills.”

The partnership illustrates Kontra and GitLab’s commitment to building transparency, traceability, and security for all stakeholders in the development process. With access to the Kontra platform, developers will be able quickly educate themselves on secure front-end, back-end, mobile, embedded, and DevOps frameworks, arming current and future coders with the tools they need to neutralize cybersecurity threats early in the software development process.

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