Zylo Becomes First SaaS Management Provider To Improve Okta SSO Integration With OAuth For Better Security and Data Privacy

Zylo Becomes First SaaS Management Provider To Improve Okta SSO Integration With OAuth For Better Security and Data Privacy

Zylo, the enterprise leader in SaaS Management, today announced an upgrade to its Okta SSO integration with OAuth, which now offers automated license management and enhances visibility, provisioning insights and security. The integration enables a more secure authentication option that allows companies to limit third-party access to user data, boosting data control and privacy.

“At Zylo, we’re empowering the future of software,” said Ian Runyon, VP Product at Zylo. “Enhancing our integration with Okta by leveraging OAuth authentication enables us to provide our customers with the data control and privacy they need in their SaaS environments.”

Zylo’s Okta SSO integration, now with OAuth, results in the most comprehensive view of an enterprise’s SaaS stack, spend and usage, enabling businesses to identify applications to secure behind SSO and maximize SaaS investments. With Zylo’s real-time usage data and Okta Actions, businesses can automate license harvesting, reclamation and deprovisioning for any application behind Okta SSO, driving down costs and improving efficiency. Other key benefits of this enhanced integration include:

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  • Increased security: Authorize access to only the resources needed for an integration, based on the principle of least privilege.
  • Enhanced configuration: Fewer manual steps to configure. No need to set up an additional service account license to prevent the integration from breaking if an employee leaves.
  • Greater reliability: This connection won’t break when an admin leaves the company.

“Data privacy and security are top priorities for businesses of all sizes,” said Matt Egan, Director of Technology Strategy at Okta. “And today’s enterprises in particular require integrations to meet stringent infosecurity and compliance requirements. We celebrate Zylo for recognizing the importance of providing robust authentication options to meet the needs of its enterprise customers.”

With the addition of OAuth, Zylo’s integration now provides greater data control and security, enabling businesses to take advantage of the platform’s comprehensive SaaS management capabilities and get a comprehensive view of their SaaS stack.

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