VirtualArmour Announces New SOCaaS Offering

VirtualArmour Announces New SOCaaS Offering Powered by AlienVault®-01

VirtualArmour International Inc., a global cybersecurity managed services provider, has released a new SOCaaS offering into the marketplace to help increase access to cybersecurity services. Powered by AlienVault®, this new service fills a gap in the marketplace for enterprises with limited staff and expertise that have expansive IT environments – for up to 10 times less than hiring a full Security Operations Center (SOC) team.

“All companies deserve to have access to quality cybersecurity services and we are proud to provide SOCaasS as a solution,” said VirtualArmour CEO Russ Armbrust. “SOCaaS adds to our unique combination of product offerings, and, coupled with our high customer satisfaction rates, gives us a competitive edge in the managed cybersecurity marketplace.”

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Many companies simply cannot afford to hire a full SOC team. VirtualArmour’s SOC as a Service is a cost-effective solution to bolster internal IT teams and enhance organizational security. VirtualArmour’s expert cybersecurity team can supplement an existing security team or light IT staff and manage and monitor networks, devices, and assets.

“We launched the SOCaaS Essential Core Service to make SOC teams more accessible to organizations that require a considerable amount of automation to effectively monitor their ever-changing environments,” explained Tianyi Lu, vice president of product. “With SOCaaS, our team becomes an extension of your team and provides you with expert cybersecurity and advice.”

Founded in 2007, AlienVault® aims to provide simple, value-based, top-level security to companies of all sizes. By outsourcing SOC to VirtualArmour and leveraging VirtualArmour as an expert managed SOCaaS provider, companies can get the most out of AlienVault® – including actionable threat intelligence – while saving time and money.

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