Kount Joins Adobe Exchange as Accelerate Partner


The Collaboration will Provide Industry-Leading Fraud Prevention and Account Takeover Protection to eCommerce Providers

Kount, the leader in fraud prevention and digital identity trust, today announced an Accelerate Level partnership in the Adobe Exchange Partner program. This will enable Magento customers to have access to industry-leading fraud prevention that is #1 for both its Technology Excellence and Customer Impact according to a recent Quadrant SPARK Matrix. The collaboration will help businesses to protect against payment fraud, chargebacks, and disputes while enabling businesses to accept more good orders and increase revenue.

Businesses engaged in eCommerce using Magento and Kount can maintain a competitive advantage by delivering frictionless customer experiences based on trust or risk levels, proactively blocking fraud in real-time. Linked by advanced AI, Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network is the largest network of trust and fraud signals from more than 9,000+ customers across 250+ countries and territories, 50+ payment service providers and partners, and 75+ industries.

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Magento customers can easily install and configure the Kount extension in less than an hour to access automated, real-time order decisioning and immediately gain built-in, comprehensive fraud prevention, order status notifications, and inventory management for their store.

In addition to Kount’s AI and Identity Trust Global Network, Kount’s simple extension for Magento delivers the full power of:

  • Accurate Risk-Scoring: Kount’s adaptive AI networks trust and risk signals from more than 32 billion annual interactions to gauge risk accurately and in real time.
  • Known and Emerging Fraud Detection: The Kount platform uses both supervised and unsupervised machine learning models to identify and stop fraud in milliseconds.
  • Policy Customization and Optimization: Kount enables companies to create, edit, and test business policies to fine-tune protection and customize outcomes.
  • Risk-Free Automation: Automated, real-time decisions based on data from the largest network of trust and risk signals allow businesses to expand confidently and without risk.
  • Simplified Case Management: The at-a-glance case management tool accelerates the review process with simple scoring and easy access to critical data for more accurate decisioning.
  • Advanced Analytics: Reporting and analytics on both macro trends and individual transactions allows businesses to stop fraud, reduce friction, and improve experiences for good customers.

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“As both Kount and Adobe place high value on delivering world-class customer journeys, this collaboration is a seamless fit,” said Tom War, Chief Sales Officer at Kount. “Businesses taking advantage of Magento and Kount together will advance their eCommerce experiences while protecting their digital innovations, allowing them to scale in new ways and realize new revenue.”

“Customer experience is more important than ever, both for our customers and for our customers’ customers. We are excited to have Kount in the Adobe Exchange Partner program to help eCommerce businesses elevate their experiences with less friction, more approvals, and reduced fraud, all via a simple integration with an advanced solution,” said Ryan Murden, Head of Business Development for Adobe Experience Cloud.